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How Can Dealerships Make Profit with Low Investment?

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  • How Can Dealerships Make Profit with Low Investment?

    Auto manufacturers have a love-hate relationship with their dealers today. On one hand, the manufacturers value their dealers for selling all the cars they make, even when the cars aren’t very good or may not be suitable for that market. On the other, manufacturers get annoyed at dealers who can’t deliver good customer service, unable to sell a particular model, can’t (or won’t) invest in their facilities, etc. As a result, there’s a near constant battle between the dealers and the manufacturer, with manufacturers telling dealers what they should be doing and dealers demanding support from manufacturers. This sweet and sour relationship continues.

    It’s also amazing during this relationship just how fast any given model can go from “hot” to sitting unsold on dealer lots, gathering dust. A new sports car might only be hot for a few months before it’s supplanted by another competing SUV car.

    So, to address all these challenges efficiently, Autodealrz mobile app has been introduced to automate multiple dealership activities and to enhance the customer relationship.
    Hurry! Request a demo for your dealership at the earliest.
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    Good initiative. Our sister concern CarDekho also has a similar app for car dealers. Overall, we do need more automation in this area of business.
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