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Scorpion MK IV to be Launched in India

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  • Scorpion MK IV to be Launched in India

    We in India love off-roaders, I hope I said it right! With the growing popularity of SUVs in the country, very little of us who own them take it off-road. For the serious guys who means business out there, there is likely to be a new addition to the group. A vehicle that can perhaps give nightmares to other traditional off-road vehicles sold in the country now. A JV between Preferred Chassis Fabrication and India’s Sarbloh Motors called the IronScorpion HMV Pvt. Ltd will introduce the Scorpion MK IV in India soon.
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    Scorpion MK series has been in production in the USA since 1997 and used by the army in the remotest and toughest of terrains around the world. The MK IV which scheduled be assembled in India will be the first off-road buggy to be made road legal in the country. MK IV has a revolutionary suspension setup that allows it to have unbelievable wheel articulation while keeping its occupants comfortable at the same time. This gives it impressive off-road capabilities since all the four wheels stay in contact with the surface most of the time. MK IV comes powered with an option of either a 5.7-litre V8 petrol motor or a 3.9-litre, 4-cylinder Cummins diesel mill. Look at the picture below to see how mad this machine is!
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    The transfer case is sourced from Atlas, and the vehicle gets ventilated disc brakes all around. MK IV has a 2-inch tubular Uni-body type frame. The vehicles weigh close to 2000 kilogrammes. MK IV can be customised further using the available accessories to suit one’s need and taste.The company plans to develop the first demo vehicle by July in India, and two prototypes by September. The MK IV will be finally put into production by January 2018. According to Jaskirat Singh, Director, IronScorpion HMV, MK IV’s engine and chassis will be manufactured in India, while other components like the transmission and transfer case are imported from the USA. At a later stage, IronScorpion HMV plans to fully localise and manufacture the MK IV in India that will also be exported. This move may further bring down the cost of the vehicle.
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    The Scorpion will be launched at this year's Rain Forest Challenge (RFC) in Goa. According to Evo Offroad, it will also take part in the event and the vehicle will be piloted by Dwaine Jungen, from Preferred Chassis Fabrication Inc. It will traverse through the Special Stages, where enthusiasts can witness the Scorpion's off-road prowess.
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