Beijing Auto Show: Here's a Chinese knockoff of Yamaha R3

Beijing Auto Show: Here's a Chinese knockoff of Yamaha R3

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The Chinese are known to make EVERYTHING. It is a no brainer that the ongoing Beijing Auto Show had a number of cars and bikes designed to look like their original counterparts. One of them is the XGJ 350. Sure, the name sounds like it's a code-name for some top secret military prototype, but the bike isn't. Here are some images:
The bike looks part R3 and part R15 but with excessive stickering. PC: tmcblog.com
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The bike seems to be well made, although the quad exhausts are really unnecessary. The indicators are sleek and may be LEDs. The front gets a traditional fork set-up while the rear gets a monoshock. The split seat configuration reminds me of Yamaha R15.
The twin headlamp pods get projectors PC: tmcblog.com
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Official specs are unknown as of now, but expect a single cylinder 300-odd cc liquid cooled engine mated to a 5 or 6 speed transmission. Do not expect the power figures to be on par with the 'real' R3, though. When I look at these Chinese knockoffs, it actually saddens me because the actual companies must've put a lot of work to get their product right and these Chinese manufacturers with no sense of ingenuity, straight-up copy them to rake in big moolah.

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