Does filling Nitrogen in Tires really help?

Does filling Nitrogen in Tires really help?

Does filling Nitroge..

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Just last week, my dearest mother was convinced by the people at the Ace Honda service station to replace the existing air in tires of my Honda City CVT with Nitrogen. I got a curious call from her asking whether she should do so, and for the sake of the Honda service manager who was over-selling it to her, I told her to go ahead with it.
For my own clarity later, I did a bit of finding out whether it works or not. Read on to find out.

There are a number of reasons why Nitrogen might be a suitable alternative to regular air. The main reason is the fact that Nitrogen is less likely to escape the tyre's rubber as compared to Oxygen, which implies that your tyre pressure will remain the same for longer. This characteristic is a boon as you do not have keep checking the pressure to often, and can enjoy a hassle free drive. Another thing, Nitrogen filled tires are free of moisture, which in the long run means no rusting for the rims.

Tyre bursts occur mainly due to the tyre running at lower pressure than recommended, at high speeds. Moreover, it helps the tyre run cooler, which means that high speed runs cause less stress on a tyre filled with nitrogen as compared to one filled with regular air.
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Should you get your tyres filled with Nitrogen?
After reading some of the facts above, it may feel like its necessarily, but not really. Read on.
Nitrogen is generally used to fill tyres of race cars and airplanes. That is because the tyres of both race cars and airplanes need to function at very high temperatures and perform high-friction tasks. A race car driving at exceptionally high speeds will produces a lot of heat at the tyre and regular air wouldn’t work well at those temperatures. Similarly airplane tyres need to have the perfect air pressure and handle similar levels of heat.
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However, when it comes to our daily used cars, the tires are not exposed to much of these extreme factors and on the contrary are used in Stop/Go conditions. This basically means that filling Nitrogen is not that important. And if it makes things better, the air that we get filled constitutes of about 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and other irrelevant gases.
Also, if you keep your tyres pressure under check and fill air in it regularly then you will get the same benefits of better fuel efficiency and handling. It is more about the tire's air pressure than the gas that you use to inflate the tyre.

But if you one of those who drives frequently on the highway, or at high speeds during the daytime, filling nitrogen in your car’s tyres could prove to be beneficial as it helps the tyre stay cooler, and prevents tyres from losing pressure frequently. Another major factor to consider while making this decision it the monetary aspect of filling Nitrogen. It costs about Rs. 250-400 initially (depending on where you get it filled from) and then every subsequent check is Rs.10 per tire, while normal air is more or less FREE!
To sum it all up, I think that as my car went to the service station for the first service, and there was no bill, the service manager wanted to raise one anyway and hence convinced the mother about getting Nitrogen filled for Rs. 300. It does not make sense for her, but it may be beneficial for you if your driving style is what we call 'enthusiastic'.


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And I used to think Tires are just full of Air.


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What if the mother's driving style is also what you call 'enthusiastic' ? 😊


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250 to 300rs 😵 r they fooling you i spend 50rs for all my tyres to filled with nitrogen (except Stephenie) for first time n later on 10 rs each tyre 33psi


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The price of filling nitrogen varies a lot. At the place I fill up, it is just 10 bucks a tyre - this is at the BP petrol pump near Grand Hotel, Vasant Kunj Delhi. Of course, if I go over to my friend's tyre place, he doesn't charge me anything. The benefits of nitrogen are not that evident really - the only real benefit I see is that I don't have to fill air every week / two weeks. Nitrogen holds pressure in the tyre for at least six weeks! That's worth it.
Another issue with my so-called Nitrogen filled tyres. I am running nitrogen on both the Scorpios. But I use the older one for off-roading - at which point, for sand driving, I reduce pressure to 25 psi in the tyres and then once I am done, I fill it back to 32 psi. Over a period of time the nitrogen has probably gone back to regular air in that vehicle, but since the tyres have aged a bit, they are saturated enough to hold pressure for 3-4 weeks easily.



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I have never bothered to fill Nitrogen as i check the pressures on a regular manner.So that eliminated the only benefit in real life(longer filling intervals).Still my doubt was if we are getting pure nitrogen or just gimmicks as the prices for filling are different in different places and Unfortunately everything including food items is fraudulent in India.My doubt was cleared with a video by Fifth Gear UK.If pure nitrogen is not supplied in UK,what would be the scene here??? BTW Your last meme is just hilarious

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