Crossing Little Rann of Kutch - The Little is actually not Little

Crossing Little Rann of Kutch - The Little is actually not Little

Crossing Little Rann..

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Crossing Little Rann of Kutch - The Little is actually not Little.
What if we get lost followed by following – is the thought which prompted me to write this blog –
* Security of Family, without network in phones
* Threat from Wild Asses
* Scary Marshy Land in soaring temperatures (Apologies to call it scary. The actual fun and pleasure of motoring on this barren land can be compared to few stretches in Ladhak)
* Getting Caught (without permits) by Rangers
* Vehicle break-down
We, myself+Wife+daughter, reached Zainabad at 4.50pm on 24th March’16 and after a quick Check-in, freshen-up and tea/snacks at the place of Stay, headed towards L-RoK.

The excitement to enter Rann was beyond putting in words and we covered ~16 KMs of terrain, from Zainabad to Zinzuwada, in no time.
And here were we – in front of Madapola Gate – the gateway to L-Rok – by 6.10pm – the target was to offer prayers at Vach Raj (Varchaa Dada) Temple and return back to our resort at Zainabad. The temple is ~32 KMs deep inside the Rann from this Gate.
By the time, we raided ~20 KMs towards Temple from entry gate, Mr Sun said good-bye and again we thought – What if We get Lost ?
Next day morning, 25th March’16, a bit more confident now, again headed towards Temple, reached there, offered prayers and now was the time to move ahead and again the same thought...
While famous Entry to Temple is through Zinzuwada, and from here (Temple), after travelling couple of KMs - there are 2 popular exits from this part of Rann – towards Adesar and Palasva.
We were supposed to hit Adesar but missed an important land-mark (written in Gujrati – YES, they do have a proper landmark) and realised only when the phones got sparks that we were close to Palasva. Meanwhile #TheHumanGPS (Mr HV Kumar) who was virtually travelling with us – confirmed the same and advised us to head back towards Temple again. Drove back 15+ KMs, reached back at the same Gujrati Landmark and tried to read the contents on it. To a great surprise, we could then read Gujrati as well – Adesar and Palasava directions were now clearly visible to us. Did some Roadograpghy of this vital sign-board, turned left and landed at Adesar safely.
This way, were lucky enough to travel on both the exit points though, the one which leads to Palasva – the last few KMs (probably, 5-7) is dry vegetation, lot of bushes and Sand all across. The 4x4 is a better bet here and that, probably, was the reason – we were advised to head back.
Here is a hand-made pictorial map (pic # 1) of the L-Rok by my daughter, may be of use to other travellers who wish to fulfil their dream to raid L-RoK.
To summarise this hand-made pic :-
* Refer Pic # 2 & 3 : These are sign-boards on Exit of Rann, towards Adesar, when you hit a small Puccka road. Must read instructions on it before entering Rann.
* Refer Pic # 4 & 5 : You need to follow only Small Tyres impressions (of cars and bikes) path and not the bigger ones of Trucks. These biggies travel deep inside the Rann to fetch Salt & if you follow bigger tyre marks, you are lost.
* Refer Pic # 6 : Enter Madapol Gate (from Zinzuwada), move <1 KM, take left on Kuccha Road looking at the tyre marks. You would easily recognize it.
* Refer Pic # 7 & 8 : After moving another 1-2 KMs on Tyre marks, you would find 2 ways – one marked with Red flags (going left), other with White ones (going right). You need to follow White ones to reach Vach Raj Temple.
* Refer pic # 1 : Now temple on your back, front facing the Zinzuwada – take a sharp right turn along the bushes beside the temple – to take Adesar/Palasva exit route.
* Very Imp (refer pic # 9) – you just need to follow a path which would have ploughed terrain besides you and keep moving parallel to this ploughed sand.
* Comparatively (as compared to Zinzuwada-Temple path), white flags are distantly placed here. Additionally, you would also see some colourful (small, ~2 feet height) poles.
* Most Imp Crossing : Refer Pics 10 to 17 - Move another ~38 KMs following above guide-lines, you would see 4 big pillars on your left on a rectangular elevated platform with tin shed on it (refer pic # 10). Bang in front of it is a milestone whereon 4 pointed arrows shows 4 different directions. Palasva (Straight) – 22 KMs, Adesar (Right) 20 KMs. Couldn’t understand what’s written for left-wards – looks like, some other Temple deep towards left.
* Go straight 22 KMs for Palasva from this Crossing or take Right (20 KMs) to reach Adesar.
A few shots-
Happy Motoring, Ride well, Drive Safe.
(For any query, write me at roadographer@facebaook.com)

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Sounds like a brilliant road trip The Roadographer . I was in the Rann of Kutch around this time two years ago with a Range Rover Sport. It's easy to get lost in the Rann, and in fact, we did. We made the mistake of sitting way past sunset waiting for the moon to rise to get some photos and then found it near impossible to retrace our path. Fortunately, we could see a light on the horizon, which was some village and drove towards it, and then found the trail along the way. A few scary moments!



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The Roadographer thanks for the map and the detailed pictures. Been thinking of going to the Rann of Kutch for sometime now. Hopefully, we should be able to do the trip soon. I've heard that Kutch is also a sanctuary for the Indian Wild ***. Would love to photograph them in action. However, is it advisable to go there in the summer? Or should I wait till winter sets in?

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