Has anyone installed blowoff valve in your THAR ?

Has anyone installed blowoff valve in your THAR ?

Has anyone installed..

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Has anyone installed blowoff valve in your THAR?
If yes please share your views and comments.
Thanks in Advance.
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  • 17 Feb 2016, 12:51 pm
I'm not really sure that a BOV (Blow-off valve) is needed for the Thar CRDE. As far as I know, the turbo in the Thar does not produce very high boost (I think it is 2-3 pounds only, as that's what my app - the Torque App shows for the Scorpio as well, reading from the ECU. The Thar already comes with a waste gate on the turbocharger, which releases excess exhaust pressure to prevent damage to the turbo. Blow-off valves, if I'm not mistaken, are installed upstream, just after the intercooler on the intake side to reduce pressure - and mainly for petrol engines to avoid damage to the throttle body.
What do you think would be the advantage of installing a BOV for the Thar or for that matter Scorpio? I think the waste gate with the turbo does enough of a job for safeguarding the engine. Thoughts?

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