Ashok Leyland unveils next-gen buses and trucks

Ashok Leyland unveils next-gen buses and trucks

Ashok Leyland unveil..

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At the 2016 Auto Expo, Ashok Leyland unveiled four heavy vehicles- Hybus, Guru, Sunshine and 4940 Euro 6 Truck. The 4940 Euro 6 Truck, as the name suggests, is Euro 6 compliant and was manufactured at, as the company puts it, 'Indian Costs.'
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The Hybus on the other hand, is an hybrid. Technically, it is called a hybrid but it is just a bus with a start-stop feature. It employs ultracapacitors to do so.
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The Sunshine is a school bus with first-in-class protection features such as frontal crash protection, rollover compliance, tracking software, ergonomic seats that are anti bacterial as well. The Guru is an intermediante commercial vehicle with the lowest kerb weight and highest payload capacity in its segment. The weight reduction was achieved by the usage of aluminium body fitments. The engine also comes with best-in-class warranty and low maintenance.
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