Here is Question About Tracker ....

Here is Question About Tracker ....

Here is Question Abo..

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  • 6 Feb 2018, 12:54 pm
I am getting the dealership to fit a tracker when my new car finally arrives. I have been given two options - Tracker, or Tracker Plus. I have zero knowledge of such things, but I don’t particularly want to pick a duff tracker when I could get a better version for not much more. I’ve been given a PDF copy of the options, and to the untrained eye they look fairly similar. Is it worth paying that bit extra for a “Plus”?
The other query I have is in regard to Thatcham categories. It seems that the most basic theft prevention measures are categorised as 1, then the more secure features increase up to a cat 7. However, the Tracker Plus is a cat 6, and the standard Tracker is a 7.
I’m confused. Please help.

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