Audio System for Wagon R

Audio System for Wagon R

Audio System for Wag..

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  • 28 Sep 2017, 5:26 am
I have 2010 Wagon R Vxi, I have been using stock audio system. I want to buy new complete audio system (4 Speakers + Head Unit + Wiring) for my car. My budget is approx 30k.
These are the things I mainly want:
1) Heavy Bass coz I listen to dubstep, trap, EDM, etc.
2) AUX, Bluetooth, USB connectivity
3) It's bonus if I can get big screen so I can watch videos + use google maps on. But it's not mandatory requirement
PS : I listen to Sony SHAKE-6D at home. I think I can't get that kind of sound in 30k. But I was telling you just to give idea that I need something which is similar to it.
* Also I want to know if I buy online how can I get it installed in the car?
* If I buy from local shop will they give me some discount for exchanging old music system?

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