Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!
While full electric cars are some distance away, mild hybrids are the next step, with many manufacturers now looking at them. Mahindra started with the Micro Hybrid, Maruti now has the SHVS system in the Ciaz and Toyota has a proper series hybrid in the Prius and Camry
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In the recent discussion that the minister for roadways and transportation Nitin Gadkari had with SIAM(Society of Indian Automobile manufacturers), the minister let the manufacturers know that the government is keen to bring in more electric cars into the country and would be pushing for most Indian manufacturers to move from diesel to petrol engines.
The announcement was more of a threat, that all manufacturers who would not be working on electric platforms and cleaner fuels would be forced to do so.
This has pushed most manufacturers to go on a hyper drive with respect to electric cars. Maruti has announced to setup a plant for manufacturing Li ion batteries in Gujarat, Mahindra already had a platform onto which they have announced to convert their entire fleet of cars, Tata, has started showcasing their electric cars like the Tiago and the Nano electric based on a new platform. Nissan had also invited automotive journalists from India for the launch of the new Nissan Leaf,which indicates that they are considering a launch in India too.
Moreover, with in house manufacturing the costs of batteries and components is expected to come down. Hopefully we can expect other states also to bring in subsidies (Karnataka announced one recently) for electric cars.
These things are big drivers to the electric car market, and if the demand is there we may also see brands coming up with setting up fast charging and charging network facilities over the country. However, all this said, the year 2030 to go entirely electric is quite a tight deadline, and it would be a lot of hard work for manufacturers to reach there.

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