Renault makes a comeback

Renault makes a comeback

Renault makes a come..

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After agreeing to take over the Lotus team around the fag end of last season, Renault is finally making a comeback to the F1 grid this year. The last time Renault took part as a full works team in F1 was in 2010. Since then, Renault has been supplying engines to other teams like Red Bull. Even though their partnership with Red Bull turned sour over the last two seasons, the partnership was able to bag four consecutive driver and team titles between 2010 and 2013.
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However, Former F1 star Jean Alesi, in an interview to motorsport.com, said that the new team has no chance of scoring a podium in the first year back in F1. Alesi, who raced for the team in 1996 and 1997 when it was knows as Benetton, said that the team would need time to recreate its success in the past.
motorposrt.com quoted Alesi as saying, “This is very important for [France], because we used to have in the past Grands Prix.” “And now with the comeback of Renault, not only for the next year but for the long-term future, it will be very helpful for France.”

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