Help to select car

Help to select car

Help to select car

  • 20 Jul 2017, 1325 Views


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  • 20 Jul 2017, 7:39 pm
Hello everyone,
I need help to buy Diesel car from below
1) Ford Ecosport (Top model)
2) Vitara Brezza (Top model)
3) upcoming Tata Nexon (Top model)
Which of the above is best of in view of mileage, feature reach and yes customer service.
Please help



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  • 24 Jul 2017, 2:49 pm
It is too early to comment much about the Tata Nexon. Though its known that the Nexon is coming with a 4 cylinder 1.5 liter Turbo diesel engine with 108hp power and 260Nm torque, the fuel efficiency figures are not out for it yet.From the pics shown its loaded with features, and being a Tata, we can be sure they are going to make it a very good value for money proposition. However, in terms of service, for now, Tata is not in par with Ford, let alone Maruti.Its only after the variant lists and features are officially announced that we can do a real comparison between the Nexon and the other two.
Between the Ecosport and the Vitara Brezza, its quite a close call in terms of features.
The Ecosport is better in terms of safety with 6 airbags + EBD+ABS, where as the Brezza has more comfort and convenience features like cooled glovebox, cruise control, wider rear seats projector headlamps and LED Tail lamps.
In terms of fuel efficiency the Brezza has a slightly higher fuel efficiency on paper, but on real world conditions they would fare almost the same.
The maintenance costs of both the Ecosport and Brezza are almost same, and in terms of engine, the Ecosport as a more powerful engine with lesser turbo lag as compared to the Brezza.
However, considering that the top end model of the Ecosport is 0.5 lakhs costlier , I would suggest the Brezza as a better choice.


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  • 25 Jul 2017, 11:50 am
I will agree with Arjun in the sense that its too early to comment on upcoming Tata baby, however service network, spare parts availability and long term durability is something which kept me off Tata. Amongst Brezza and Ecosport, i can try save you from dilemma by this:
If you are a driving enthusiast and love those once-in-a-month 1000kms drive, go for ecosport. If you are eying a more commuter type performance, Brezza should be your choice. Other than this, there are hardly any major technical differences between the two (if you live in a metro or a state capital, Ford's service and part availability will be equally good)

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