Beading Effect for KKE Thick Wax-Kartik Borikar

Beading Effect for KKE Thick Wax-Kartik Borikar

Beading Effect for K..

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Beading Effect for KKE Thick Wax
When water is sprayed on a normal car surface, the water would generally form a film and remain on the car paint and would probably dry on the car. The water drying on the car has several problems like leaving water spots, dirt dryin on the car etc. Even harmfull effects of bugs, tree saps, road film harms your car paint and its finish.
An unprotected car paint would probably have a water film.
KKE Thick Wax is to be applied by hand using a wax applicator or a foam. It is recommended to wash the car thoroughly and remove any paint imperfections using KKE Prima. The car surface should not be hot. Do not apply in direct sun.

The wax coat should be thin. Applying a thicker coat shall not gove you more protection. rather it would make it diffult to remove the excess wax which dries on the car surface. For more protection, apply the wax multiple times with a gap of atleast 3 - 4 hours.
Start from one side of the car, go around and come back at the starting point. Massage the wax on the car surface so that the wax gets into the microscopic scratches on the car paint surface if you have not polished your car.

Unlike other paste waxes, KKE Thick Wax needs to dry on the car entirely for curing. Since the product is made on Natural Carnauba Wax, it needs atleast 3-4 hours curing time. 24 hours curing would be the best. Wax your car over a weekend.
After the curing time, use a micro fiber to buff off the excess wax.

The KKE Thick wax is very effective wax which forms a hard Carnauba Wax coat on the vehicle paint surface.

Water Beading Effect on the car surface.

Buy KKE Thick Wax Now and Protect your car !

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