Aprilia SR150: Long term Review:Initial Impressions

Aprilia SR150: Long term Review:Initial Impressions

Aprilia SR150: Long ..

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This is the first owner review of Aprilia SR150 in the Forum & you can follow the Buying thread here :
This update will specifically focus on living with Aprilai SR150 in city & mild highway runs. I have driven Activa & Jupiter so the comparison that may arise would be between these two Scooters.
So the time has come for which many of the buyers of this scooter would be waiting for, that could make there buying decision easier.
Power scooters are still new to Indian 2 Wheeler market owing to higher price tag & lower fuel efficiency. Buyers still bet on tried & tested Activa & only few handful of enthusiast upgrade to Activa 125 Disc for its performance.
Aprilia has hit the right cord by not introducing a normal scooter but a Moto-Scooter what they like to call it with "Ready to race" tagline. Piaggio India is responsible for sales & service of the scooter which is still far behind the reach of Honda dealership & service centers. Scooter was purchased in late October 2016 that translates to 4 Months of ownership & has clocked 2000 Kms in early February 2017. During this period scooter has seen 2 Service out of which one is the general checkup at 1000 kms Free service & 2nd is Fully paid service for the 3rd month. More description later....
Let's start with day to day living with Aprilia SR150.

  • The highlight of the scooter is the 154.4 cc motor producing 10.8 hp & 11.5 Nm torque.
  • Sporty Looking 14" Alloys. (Made in China).
  • 120/70 R14 61H Vee Rubber (Imported from Thailand).
  • Mature suspension setup for Sporty Handling. (Gabriel Suspension).
  • Moto-Scooter looks with Beaky front Apron.
  • Stiff Front suspension that can make your bone shiver.
  • Seats could have more cushioning.
  • Lack of practical space. Can't fit full size helmet.
  • No pockets to store loose items.
  • A bit cramped leg room space.

One thing that all might accept would be that Aprilia is definitely a Looker. It's attention grabber wherever it goes. You get different question on the roads that whether its a bike or a scooter, which company, Electric or petrol based & finally our national question "Kitna Deti hai". That's a kind of attention it gets. Aprilia offers SR in 2 colors & one Special edition. Glossy White seems quite loud in my opinion & doesn't look pleasing to the eyes, Matte Black (which i own) is somewhat which completely suits the Scooter & red highlights make it stand out in the crowd, that looks soothing to the eyes. The third option is Special edition which offers RS GP Maze grey base color with tri color Livery in Red, Green & Black. Coming to the rear it completely resembles a bike design with upswept exhaust, bike style Indicators, sporty grab rails.

This could be one thing that one would never regret after buying Aprilia. Aprilia advertised the scooter with 11.4 Bhp of power & 11.5 Nm of torque but the User manual clearly states that the engine outputs 10.8 Hp of power which gives a feeling that you have been cheated. But still the scooter is the most powerful in the segment & can compete with motorcycles of 100cc-125cc. One can ride 80 Kmph all day long without having stress on the motor. Engine can accelerate from 80 kmph (not safe) till 110 kmph for overtaking without much fuss. Although i haven't tested those speeds but have touched 100 Kmph on a straight stretch of Road in NCR. It can quickly sprint from 0-60 in a matter of seconds & be ahead in the traffic as soon as the signal turns Green.

Having stiff suspension & larger alloys, aprilia's cornering ability is simply the best in scooter segment. Many of the bikes in the same price category couldn't match the handling characteristics of this scooter. Here i am not only comparing Commuter bikes but also bikes from upper segment. Gabriel sourced telescoping suspension would make your day on twisty section but can become your nightmare when driven in potholes or uneven roads.
Braking duties are superbly handled by 220mm disc brakes from Bybre providing exceptional bite whenever you need.
If anyone buying this scooter already has some sort of backache or spinal problem than look elsewhere Activa & Jupiter would be the choice for plush ride. This is not the scooter for elderly people or for family. Pillion riding is not that easy too. I mostly drive without pillion but had few times when i had to drive with my Dad & he was not happy with the ride quality resulting in He doesn't want to get ferry around on this scooter & rather prefer to be in the back seat of Fizzy.

Maintenance & Fuel Economy
Talking about maintenance cost i had one free service & one paid. Paid due to vague service interval of aprilia in which every odd number of service is Free while the even number of service is Paid. Total free services are 4 nos. Every free service that means 1,3,5..... requires engine oil replacement & it cost Rs.220 for 750 ml of 5W-40 Fully synthetic oil from eni lubricants. I was surprised to hear the price of synthetic oil that this is so cheap. Can't comment on the quality of oil. Piaggio uses eni fully synthetic oil for both Aprilia & Vespa range. Every paid service that consist of general checkup, lubrication, some bolt
tightening cost Rs. 350. So after the free service every alternate service would cost Rs.600 while the other service would cost 350 Rs. which is exactly similar to what Piaggio charges for Vespa 125 & 150. The charges seem to be on the higher side compared to japanese counterparts where all paid service cost anywhere between Rs. 400-500. It could be because of premium that mostly every European manufacturer commands (that's my opinion).
Talking about frugality in the Run in period i used to get only 31-33 kmpl in city riding where i was not crossing 50 Kmph mark. After the first service the economy number climbed to 35-36 Kmpl & after second service i am getting approx. 40 kmpl in my daily office commutes. I do not measure by tankful method but rather use fuelio app to keep track of my expenses & mileage log. If one compares these numbers with Activa which 110cc it is definitely low but when you ascertain the fun to drive factor, Hard to resist feeling of twisting the throttle & power of 150cc motor these numbers would easily be Digestable.
Would i Recommend one?
I would say yes but only to those who enjoys every ride, love to be ahead at traffic signals, want something exclusive in the scooter segment, powerful engine mated to super smooth CVT (Rubber band effect can't be ignored). The harsh ride quality is hard to ignore for aged people or for female riders.
Do take a note that the spare parts are on the costlier side. I saw one crashed case where the rider had to shell out Rs.10,000 for accidental repairs which doesn't include any major mechanical damage.
Taking the price into account i would say it is still the most Value for Money scooter out there in the market where the the engined Vespa cost upwards of Rs. 1 lakh & Activa 125 Disc brakes cost Rs.71,000 on Road.
At Rs.78,000 on road Delhi, it is the most fun to drive machine & can be also be opted against a bike.

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