21 Gun Salute Vintage Car Rally- Media Preview

21 Gun Salute Vintage Car Rally- Media Preview

21 Gun Salute Vintag..

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Vintage cars are something that tugs at heartstrings of every car enthusiast because they are the relics which display the potential of evolution. Owners and collectors who painstakingly restore and maintain these magnificent motor vehicles against the test of time speak volumes of the love for these machines. The media preview of the 21 Gun Salute International Vintage car rally took place in Delhi and three cars were displayed at the event- a 1949 Buick Roadmaster, a 1936 Alvis Speed 20 and a 1938 Buick Convertible. The seventh edition of the 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally & Concours Show are scheduled to be held from the 17th to 19th of February, 2017.
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On the day of the rally, eclectic vintage cars from around the world will rendezvous at India Gate, followed by folk dances displaying the cultural heritage and diversity of India. A vintage car race will be held on Sunday, the 19th of February at the Buddh international Circuit. Speaking about the event, Mr Madan Mohan, Founder & Managing Trustee, 21 Gun Salute Heritage & Cultural Trust said, “The 7th edition of vintage car rally will be organized at a much larger scale and is expected to grab more eye balls than the previous editions owing to the enthusiastic and stylish atmosphere. With nearly 100 hand-picked vintage & classic cars from India, Germany, France, US, Italy & UK, and 25 vintage bikes, this year’s rally will be grander than the previous editions. The vision of the event is to place India as a world-class global motoring tourism destination!”
Keeping with this tradition of supporting social causes, the 7th edition will support the welfare of spastic children. The vintage drive will witness rare cars dating from pre-war era to the relatively 'modern' 1965. One of the very valuable and exclusive vintage car on display would be 1911 Silver Ghost from London. In a candid conversation with Mr. Mohan, we got to know that most of the vintage cars have been restored by importing parts from various online sources like e-bay, vintage car clubs and the likes. The NGT has also given vintage cars an exception so that these restored cars can ply on the roads without legal issues.
Have a look at the cars on display at the media preview:
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The car on the left is a 1949 Buick Roadmaster and was owned by Maharaja Bhavnagar. It is powered by a 4.5 litre in-line 8 cylinder engine with a three-speed transmission. The car in the middle is a 1936 Alvis Speed 20 Sports Coupe with a Charles Worth body. Apparently there are only six of these in the world. Speaking of the source of propulsion, the engine is a 4800 cc unit fed by dual carburettors, an advanced feature of that time. The car on the extreme right is a 1938 Buick Convertible, previously owned by the Nawab of Tonk. The engine is a 4.5 litre straight eight unit. Here are some more pictures of the cars:
Buick Roadmaster:
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As you can see, this car is fully loaded with luxury features like heater, defroster, fog lamps, clock and radio.
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Alvis Speed 20 Sports Coupe:
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The carefully restored spoke wheel is indeed a thing of beauty. Note the massive drum brake and the branded hub-caps- neat!
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Buick Convertible (on the extreme right):
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Note the lavish chrome detailing and the 21 Gun Salute badge:
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