Map my India Rover- A GPS Tracker For Bikes

Map my India Rover- A GPS Tracker For Bikes

Map my India Rover- ..

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High-end motorcycles are often equipped with anti-theft devices but there are rarely any good products that'd be compatible with less expensive bikes. Navigation giant Map my India has launched a comprehensive tracking solution for motorcycles - the Rover. This nifty little device can be discreetly installed on a bike and can be paired with a dedicated app and the combination of which can be used to track the unauthorized movement of the bike in real-time, including the direction, speed, and engine on/off status. The device can also help set up a geo-fence, which is a GPS location-based perimeter surrounding the bike, breaching of which will send an alert.
The alerts can be received either through SMS (chargeable via a plan) or e-mails (free). The alerts will be sent only to one phone number/email ID. Apart from these, one can also enter and store one's vehicle details like PUC certificate, insurance, license, and service details so that it can alert you when the particular paperwork is due for renewal. One can also store information of the vehicle like the make, model and year. Here are some of the screenshots of the app:
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Additionally, one can also access data regarding a particular day's ride, including parameters like distance covered, duration, average speed, start and end location and the likes. The device is priced at INR 3,990 and comes with a one-year warranty. Those interested in buying can check it out here.


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This is a bike tracking device Stay on the Track with VT06 Vehicle Tracker ThinkRace recently launched the VT06, another addition to the family of ThinkRace Vehicle Trackers. The VT06 is packed with multiple fresh new features specifically designed to keep a track of your vehicles and keep you updated about its location and condition. The device is apt for personal use as well as for businesses and can be easily incorporated into the fleet management system. To know more follow the below link.


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Hi Praveen have you used it? Is there any specific range after which the device could not be mapped anymore?

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