K10 AMT or Kwid AMT or used i10 automatic

K10 AMT or Kwid AMT or used i10 automatic

K10 AMT or Kwid AMT ..

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Need to decide on a car for automatic. I am 6 ft and considering a second car for city usage for daily purpose. Unable to choose between K10 AMT or Kwid AMT or i10 Automatic. My budget is not more than 5 lacs.
1. Almost all used Hyundai i10's are priced not less than 4 lacs which were 2012 and 2013 models which ran less than 30k kms.
2. On Alto K10 AMT getting a discount on 30k till this year end.
Please suggest a suitable car for me so that I can proceed. If not these suggest me another car.


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Since you are over 6 feet tall, instead of the Alto K10 AMT, go in for the Wagon-R AMT. Same engine and transmission with a more spacious cabin. Or if you want a little different / newer styling, look for a Celerio AMT. You should be able to get some discounts on the Wagon-R AMT as well. It is about Rs. 50,000 more than the Alto K10 AMT.

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