Japan-only Ferrari J50 unveiled

Japan-only Ferrari J50 unveiled

Japan-only Ferrari J..

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Ferrari has revealed the new J50 Limited Edition to mark the 50th anniversary of Ferrari in Japan. The J50 Limited Edition is based on the 488 Spider and only 10 examples will be built. This model designed by Ferrari’s Special Projects Department at Maranello will be built to suit customer’s demands and each example is set to be unique from one another.
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In my opinion, the J50 looks bloody good - probably the best looking Ferrari in the last decade even. Compared to the 488 Spider which it is based on, the J50’s front radiators are positioned closer with a more prominent lip spoiler and full width mesh grille. To cater to the aerodynamic needs, the windscreen header now sits lower. This J50 Limited Edition also marks a return to the targa body style similar to much loved Ferraris from the 1970s and 80s. The bonnet is lower than the 488 Spider’s and gets two carbon fibre air channels. The lower bonnet has also resulted in raised front wheel arches.
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In a departure from recent tradition, the J50 Limited edition gets four circular tail lamps instead of two at the rear. The J50 also has a rear diffuser along with twin-exhaust pipes at the centre. The 20-inch wheels are probably the most classy set of wheels I’ve seen in ages.
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Sports seats with Alcantara-finished central console is standard while customers can opt from a wide range of colours for the upholstery.
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The J50 Limited Edition has the same engine specification as the 488 Spider. That means a 3.9-litre V8 engine powering the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Sources say that the power and torque figure could be bumped up for the Limited Edition models. The 488 Spider makes around 670hp or power and reports say that the J50 is likely to make 20PS more. Top speed is likely to stay the same at 325kmph and the 0-100kmph run should take under 3 seconds. So it’s fast, it’s gorgeous and it’s exclusive. Everything that a Ferrari should be then! Lucky Japs!

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