Essential Racing Techniques For The Track

Essential Racing Techniques For The Track

Essential Racing Tec..

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There is much more to racing than just going flat out, pedal to the metal. It involves superhuman levels of concentration, excellent eye-hand coordination and amazing reaction times. There are various techniques that are being used in various forms of vehicular racing and this thread is dedicated to them. I'm going to start this thread by posting about cornering techniques, and fellow forum members who are into racing can build this thread by sharing their gyaan. Cheers!
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Fantastic thread - essential reading for track attackers. I was always thought some basics which apply to the track as well right from the time I could hold a steering wheel. I'm talking from a four-wheeler perspective here.
Cornering: One of the essential things about taking a bend is to get in slow, aim for the apex of the bend and begin accelerating when you are midway through the turn - Slow In / Fast Out is the technique. Brake hard before the turn, downshift before the turn, then carry the required speed into the turn and accelerate out.
Engine braking: Spare your brakes. This is a good driving technique to ease up on the load your brakes have to carry. Start rapidly downshifting as you brake before a corner - keeping the car in the optimum power band - and let the engine do some of the braking. That way, you always have reserve power on tap to speed out.
Downshift to overtake: When possible, it's always best to downshift one gear if you are at a reasonable speed to be able to pull away quickly as you line up for an overtaking manoeuvre.


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There is honestly A LOT that goes into racing on the track and the first thing to remember is that it is very different from driving on the road.
These are a few things that I was taught when I first got into racing and they form the basics know-hows of getting on the track. And going fast.
Racing Line - The trick to going fast around a track is to make the shortest distance possible around it, aka, take the racing line. The ideal racing line on any track uses all of the available space on it and allows cars to travel in a straighter line and go around faster, without loosing much grip. The 'Best' line depends on your braking point, turn in point, Apex and exit (which depends on the direction and position on the next corner).
Also, another thing to keep in mind is that there is never any one best line for any track, it depends on the type of car you are driving, your driving style and the track/weather conditions. Just to get an idea, here is an image to see the ideal line
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