2015 BENELLI TNT 600i Power Upgrade tips needed:

2015 BENELLI TNT 600i Power Upgrade tips needed:

2015 BENELLI TNT 600..

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Hello Friends!
I own a Benelli TNT 600i stock purchased last year 2015. My background in bikes has been riding the Yamaha Rx100, 135, 350's. I had never owned a superbike, but always wanted to. Now since I bought one, I feel that the power that I was expecting, is not at all enough. I was hoping it to have a power surge like the RD350 had. But it disappoints big time. I had tested a Ducati Scrambler, which was awesome in power, so maybe I am expecting that. But then again, it is a 800cc bike. So not a fair comparision. Though the Benelli is a 600 inline-4, I believe it can be upgraded without affecting the engine life... as said per the engineers at the showroom (won't disclose them, since I believe they are doing their job honestly, not to advise off the company norms).
1. Can anyone suggest what mods can be done to get atleast more Low-Mid End Torque on this bike?
2. I do know, some say, install the IXIL pipes, but that is mere 2 bhp upgrade and sound effect. So waste of money of around 50k for nothing much.
3. I live in the US and can bring in any parts to india.. if suggested.
4. Also, is K&N filter going to do any wonders on this bike for real? Please advise.
5. I guess spark plugs can make a difference.. can anyone suggest the exact type to buy, with specs please..
6. What can I do to enhance the Low beam on this bike, very low light up, though the throw on the road is great.. super wide.
7. Finally the brakes, spongyish.. can I upgrade those to Brembo?
Thanks a lot!



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tntinxs So I did a little digging and found that most of the reputed brands don't have much for Benelli, let alone specifically TNT 600i. I did find a few, though. There's a performance tuning chip available by Magnum Tuning. It claims a 15% gain in horsepower and torque. The details of which can be found here. I also checked the availability of Akrapovic but they don't seem make anything for Benellis. So, Ixil is your only choice. Even though it doesn't make much of a difference in paper, I believe it will help in freeing up the exhaust gasses a bit. Also, the biggest problem of TNT 600i is the weight. Installing the Ixil will definitely result in the reduction in weight marginally.
I checked out K&N but they only have oil filters for Benellis and that too it is for some other model. When it comes to spark plugs, the bike already comes with NGK spark plugs. But there's one available by Brisk Racing, which claims to give out a 3% gain in hp and torque. You can check it out here. The TNT 600i in India comes with company manufactured brakes but foreign models come with the Brembo units. So maybe you can get that brake unit. Else, you can get these Brembo brake pads. Another important upgrade would be swapping the stock tires to a softer compound ones, preferably Pirelli Diablo Rosso III. I think the size is available but please look into your manual for the exact size and check with the tire supplier.
Regarding lights, you can install HIDs, but I'd recommend you stick to the stock unit. One warning, though- I can't guarantee if all these parts would work without issues or if the performance increase is as expected. What I feel is, instead of spending so much on modding this bike, you might as well sell this one and buy a Speed Triple or something. Just my two cents.

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Tntinxs if your tired of using the stock performance and the exhaust i would suggest you the best way i had also like you when i had a superbike and its not with me know. For the performance in your 600i i would suggest for going for rpm increase and if needed of torque and stuff i would like to suggest you to go to the powertronic chip tuning by the RACEDYNAMICS and for exhaust as per me go for ixil which is a official partner of BENELLI .
Tntinxs if your needed of much power you even want the breaks to break the speed youn do.
If your in mind of changing your air filters go for the genuine K&N Filter or BMC Filter which are very good.
You dont need to change your spark plug and stuff if you upgrade your power also.
regarding your lights i have not ridden the 600i in the night so i dont know much about that if you really want to upgrade them go for PHILIPS HID which is very powerful and expensive.
if your going to do all mods on your 600i your bikes efficiency and engine oils and filters must be changed very 1500-2000 kms once so you can just upgrade your bike to a litre class like the 2008 R1 or 2011 crossplane R1 or whichever bike your fit with.Hemanth Reddy

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