An unexpected invite to the Grand Life - Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Magna

An unexpected invite to the Grand Life - Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Magna

An unexpected invite..

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Let's just start with the customary teaser pic of the new car gazing at the new world. shall we?
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Since the Grand i10 is available in this form since 2013 and the model itself getting geared up for a face-lift soon. I am not going into that much detail about the product/car but just mentioning some points of the overall purchase experience as I recall it.
As some of you remember, The original intended first car purchase for my cousin was the Kwid 1.0. The entire story can be found HERE. Let's just say the car-god's had some 'Grand' plans for him .
The following day after cancellation of the Kwid 1.0 RXT, All the decisions made beforehand even with accessories became totally useless and we were back to square one. But I can clearly see that He had a thing or two for the Swift as whenever some other model was suggested for test drive, the topic came back to the Swift. There was no problem with the swift, just that we would be missing a lot of kit which would have been present in the Kwid like touchscreen player with Sat-Nav. This isn't the case when we usually talk about a car from the lower segment, but the Kwid clearly had some advantages in this case. The inital budget of 4 lakh was increased to 4.8 lakh for the Kwid. The itch to upgrade to a segment above meant he convinced his parents to look past the Alto K10 which was the obvious family choice. The Swift LXi(O) [The base variant nowadays] was costing 5.52 lakh OTR Trivandrum, Kerala. Since it was a first car buy, we couldn't cash in on the exchange, loyalty, govt. or any sort of bigger savings on the car than a mere 3000/- cash discount. The base model also was unavailable with all the dealers and a minimum wait of 30 days was quoted by all. Everyone had VXi model in stock but it was way over our new set budget of 5.5 lakh. We did not want to exceed 6 lakh as I think more than that is an awful lot of money for what essentially is only a hatchback. In the last 10 years, all car prices have gradually moved up to the next segment. 5.5 lakhs could get you a Maruti Esteem VXi back in 2005. I wish if we could go back in time, cars like the Esteem, Lancer and Honda City(Type 1) were the cars to buy when cars were just as good to drive yet downright good looking. Sigh...
Now talking of the Swift, the variant positioning these days make absolutely no sense whatsoever. For example there is something called a DLX model listed in the website which is the bare bones base model according to various websites, but when we went to the dealer(s) there is no mention of such a variant. The base model was the LXi(O), not the LXi or this DLX. Whaaat?? . and no, the LXi(O) does not have the added 2 Airbags and ABS. that would be the LXi(O) 'Optional' model costing 5.86 lakhs OTR Trivandrum. In short, the lower models as per sites is just there for the people to 'think' that they can afford a swift for 4.5+ lakh ex-showroom or so. but the truth is that they sell LXi(O), LXi(O) Optional, VXi, VXi(O) which is the ABS+2 Airbag model[It's not VXi(O) Optional, thank god] according to dealer. why would you buy the ZXi then?? and then there are countless special editions in the VXi trim with funny first names and 'Edition' at the end. Totally Hopeless.
We took quotes for the LXi(O) and LXi(O) Optional and left. The car was too familiar to us and no test drive was done. We were busy on our travels from one dealer to another in search of the magical LXi or LXi(O) Optional variant in stock . Ford Figo was to be checked next as it would get us more features at similar pricing(Since I was familiar with this kind of stuff) but the problem is that the general concept in peoples mind is that Ford and most European brand cars are too highly priced, when they clearly are on par with the rest of the segment(there are exceptions but things have changed from what we had 10 years ago). So a trip to Ford was in order but then we suddenly decided to check out the Hyundai showroom(Ajith Hyundai) first as it was just opposite to the Maruti dealer(Sarathy) we just visited. It was a spontaneous decision which ultimately sealed the deal !!!
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To be honest, we were now specifically considering only the Swift and even the Figo came into the picture as a, what the heck let's check that out too kind of way . The Grand i10 was not even considered as I knew the price range and a face-lift model was inbound(Speculated to be out in October 2016 HERE now postponed to early 2017) but we just went to check out the deals on offer. The Onam Offers were extended till September 30th and suddenly the Grand i10 made most sense over the Swift and the Figo.
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There really is an instant feeling of difference in quality of service when you go visit a Hyundai dealer. It was a welcome change after the Renault(Read the Kwid booking thread) and Maruti which by the way was far better than the Renault dealer at least. Our Sales Executive from Ajith Hyundai, Trivandrum Mr. Sakthivel was extremely helpful and polite. He made sure that all the promises made at the time of booking were . He gets an A+
Dealer experience was also very good with only 2 minor irritants overall, which holds me from saying excellent(BTW I have had previous sales, service relations from this same dealer before). The only test drive Grand i10 available is a Diesel 1.1L . No petrol 1.2L car was available in the showroom. The 'Diesel' test drive car was brought home and we took extended drive of the car. Point to note here is that they never forced to take a specific route or restrict the driving distance which clearly was not the case with the Renault Dealer in Trivandrum.
Coming back to the car, The test drive made a good impression of the car for the family it was super silent(although being a Diesel), had superior cabin quality and feel and comfortable with some unique bits like the rear AC vents. This was the top of the line Asta variant BUT things like the Airbag and rear AC vents were available in the Magna Trim(Era->Magna->Sportz->Sportz(O)->Asta) as well. Excellent.
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Additional thing noted was that the entire Hyundai range starting from the Eon felt better built and had quality interiors compared to say a Maruti. The feel and quality of materials make quite an impression to the users, that it will last years of use. The ‘Make in India for the world’ initiative of Hyundai has certainly helped in this increasing the levels of quality. On the contrary, it can put off the premium car buyers a bit, as the buttons, layout and parts look a bit similar across the range especially Elite i20 and up. The feeling of not getting much differentiation inside for the extra money, The fully loaded equipment list doesn't help things either .
The Grand i10 fits right between the regular i10 and the Elite i20. Both, in terms of price and dimensions. The Grand i10 is 10 cm longer than its European version and this addition has been made factoring in Indian conditions. It certainly frees up a lot of space inside the cabin. It is a Made in India for the world product, hence quality is top notch even in the base variants. On the inside, the Grand i10 looks nothing like the regular i10 or the Elite i20. It’s an all-new design. Beige and black plastics are used nicely with a slight textured finish, and you get brushed-aluminium dials for the air-con vents that look tastefully made. The overall fit and finish and the plastic quality is probably still the best in the segment.
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All these positives combined with the the lucrative deal on offer was too hard to ignore. Around ~40k savings in total if we opt for the Magna trim which came at 5.6 lakh OTR, Trivandrum(after all discounts) which was in reach but I do agree the Sportz variant was more value as it added folding mirrors with indicators, stereo etc but we had fixed on installing a double stereo with Navigation on what ever car we would buy next(Kwid hangover) So my cousin decided to stick with the Magna trim which would give more scope to future upgrades. So we went ahead and booked the car on the next day itself to block the car(there were 2 stardust color Magna variants in stock which we opted for)
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Freebies Offered
1. Hyundai branded bat( very good quality) and cork ball(test match type red one) due to the ongoing offer(This was a first in a car purchase for me, hence mentioning top in the list ).
2. Free Bumper2Bumper Insurance(~19k) from Hyundai's provider HDFC Ergo.
3. 3rd year extended warranty
4. Cash discount of 17k.
5. 2000/- worth credit on accessory purchase(scratch and win coupon prize)
6. Basic Accessories(Mats, Flaps etc)
7. Vinyl Flooring
8. Under-body coating
It really was a no brainer if we compare it to the 3000 rupee cash discount offered by the Maruti dealer for the Swift, also with a 30 day minimum waiting period.
So Grand i10 It is !
Key features that we liked in the Grand i10 Magna 1.2 (In no particular order)
1. Rear AC Vents
2. Driver Airbag
3. Good performance yet Super silent 1.2L engine
4. Power windows on all 4 doors
5. Power adjustable ORVM's
5. Central Locking
6. 2 x Power sockets(1 in center stack and 1 in rear ac vent)
7. 2 stage action doors with good insulation. a very reassuring 'thud' when we close it.
8. 2 buttons in the steering wheel for trip meter and Display Info. Do you have steering mounted controls? Yes, I Do [It even had a rear mounted roof antenna although it does not have a stereo]
The car was promised to be delivered on or before September 30th(as the offered closed on the same date). Bank formalities, temp registration and stuff completed on the following days. In the mean time various accessories were purchased online some of which still needs to arrive(heavy delay in courier after the Diwali sale).
Long story short, September 30th had arrived. Ceremony and running over the poor 4 lemons had to be done between 2-3 pm for some astrological reasons . As usual due to my poor time keeping skills, I was still caught up with something and was now not sure if i would make it in time at the showroom for delivery. So plans to pick uncle and cousin from home was dropped and I asked them to directly come at the showroom. I had two friends with me who also had to be dropped somewhere but took along and raced to the showroom in my RiO which did the job extremely well because, we had to wait for them at the showroom(they had to travel only 4 km's from home). While this was going on, I examined the car with my cousin. It had 29 kms on the odometer.The VIN number said it was an August manufactured car. Very last minute I know, but sadly didn't get time before this to do the PDI.
After this, the car went in to get washed, polished and prepped for delivery. The opted accessories were fixed including under body coating and the sales team gathered around for the official ceremony.
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Then it was time for the first run. As I get myself into position, A lovely lady came forward pointing a bofors gun at me for the customary Surgical strike as you can see in the pictures.
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The car was made to crawl for a few feet and then parked as we still didn't get the Temporary number yet even though the registration was done in the morning. This was already known to us but the ceremony was conducted just to comply with the auspicious 2-3 pm time frame. Uncle went back home and we went with the happy car owner for a treat(me and my friends had skipped lunch to get to the showroom on time) and came back later. My Rio was then parked back home and we arrived at the showroom to drive off in the Spanking new Grand i10. The S.E delivered the final goodies like framed photo, box of chocolates, the branded bat and ball and 5 liter fuel coupon as promised and after a small token of appreciation back to him for the wonderful work, we started off first to the fuel bunk and then to home, temple and associated first car chores .
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Things Noted So Far...
  1. 1.2 L Motor is good, reasonably powerful. It is almost hard to notice if its on or off during idle. BUT it is audible post 1.5-2k rpm's. Hyundai's Diesel engines are more silent irrespective of range in comparison. The engine also seems to be fuel efficient if driven with a light foot(which is being done now as its running-in)
  2. Light steering is good to have in the city, Hydraulic one on the Rio and Esteem is better doing speeds but I do miss the i10's easy operation in the city.
  3. Initial moving from stand still(traffic island scenario) is slow, once you cross 1.5k rpm in second gear you can gun it. Bottom end is not that great but still well tuned compared to the revv friendly Japanese engines(Eg. BRIO).
  4. It's a great performer in the city. Didn't take it for a proper speed run on the highway yet, but the diesel car on test drive seemed reasonably stable at 100 kph.
  5. The suspension is tuned for comfort but they have managed not to make it too soft to spoil the dynamics. It rides well.
  6. Tank capacity is 43 liters. Gives it a good range.
  7. Brakes are super sensitive. will stop on the dot regardless of the speed. need to be careful not to get rear ended. same thing was there with the regular i10. I would keep my distance from one for the same reason .
  8. Clutch travel and action is super light and gear is sure slotting(a bit notchy as its New).
  9. Hyundai cars(diesel's) have pull type reverse gear these days(away from you and forwards next to 1st gear) and i was expecting same on this one. but the petrol has the usual reverse position without the pull type lever(towards you and downwards). less confusions for newbie drivers.
Things that could have been better...
  1. Airbag is available from Magna onwards but ABS only on top trim. Not cool.
  2. Fixed driver seat head rest seems odd in otherwise a plush cabin.
  3. Horn is quite literally comical.
  4. Only 1 key with integrated remote buttons. other is a regular key, No speed sensing lock function either(It is there in the Rio and is really useful and a must have feature in all cars). The doors unlock on its own when the car is turned off but it does not auto lock when it is started .
  5. The MID is for all intensive purposes, non existent. We really don't care what the engine run time is or be told how to shift. Things like outside temperature, average fuel consumption, range etc is sorely missed. The fuel consumption display is not there in the Elite i20 or Active as well. It comes in only with the 4S Verna and upwards the range. Come on Hyundai, even the TATA nano has a one for crying out loud .
We are very pleased and happy and satisfied with Hyundai from this purchase. Grand i10 really is a compact and comfortable city car which offers great value for money. My advice to the perspective owners would be to go ahead and buy the current gen car now cashing in on these company benefits as the face-lifted model spied is ugly to say at least HERE and remember, you have to pay full price also .
Wrapping up for now.
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Nice and comprehensive post. Engine is very silent and could be problem sometimes Specially when i has start/stop button. Steering feels very light, great in city. Horn (sounds so low inside), notchy gear shift and sensitive breaks(not neccessarily bad), non adjustable front headrests, no useful info on MID (distance to empty, average) are thing which I also felt immediately.



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Today(13th of October 2016), was announced as state wide hartal in Kerala and which meant it was time to fit some accessories purchased online for the Grand i10. As i mentioned in the last post due to the Diwali sale, most of the product ordered are yet to be delivered. So will update the thread as the upgrades are being done to the car. The first thing fixed to the car was 'HYUNDAI' branded stickers, which were purchased from ebay. Sad part is that it doesn't look as cool as what is posted in the ad, but, for 200/- it is quite ok LINK.
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Next in line were the Roof rails. The Magna variant doesnot come with the integrated ones in the Grand i10(available only from Sportz variant) and we had decided to to get the regular type ones instead of integrated one to give more appeal. The aluminum finish one would look out of place in this grey shade of car, hence went for powder coated black. It was purchased from amazon(Seller Jazzmyride) and the finished product looks really nice. LINK. The item needs to be assembled before installation and it is a fairly easy process.

NOTE : The package also contains a glue which needs to be applied to the join the pieces which is not shown in the video. also when we first insert the plastic pieces to metal, plastic shavings come off which needs to be cleaned off with multiple tries and reinstalled to get best fit and finish.
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You need to use a measuring tape and mark the points of contact and position before installation. Also it doesn't sit flat/properly as the roof itself is not flat. so after marking points, use generous force during installation to make sure all 4 sides/points of the glue tape are fixed on the roof and its not raised at any point letting in dust which will damage the bonding process.
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As I mentioned, it is not straight so make prior adjustments and make an idea of where you want to place it before you take the tape off. We had though about this earlier and the fitment was smooth without any cock-up.
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Also purchased a pair of Ultra thin door guard/protector from amazon LINK. It looks well made and has a sort of rubbery feel to it. the sparkling grey color suits the stardust color of the car(looks like black in the pic though). it was a 2 minute fitment.
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Now for some random pics taken after the fitment.
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That's it for now.
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