Biker Essentials for Safe Touring

Biker Essentials for Safe Touring

Biker Essentials for..

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Biker Essentials for Touring
1). Full face helmet : Full-face helmets protects ones chin and jaw, an area vulnerable in 70 percent of motorcycle accidents. It also saves a person in case of a crash by safeguarding the brain, eyes, oral cavities and face. Nearly 90 percent of your head! A polystyrene foam lining inside the helmet gives the cushioning impact. The shell acts as the mechanical barrier between the face and external object. In case of a crash, the brain does not hit the skull from inside when a scientifically designed, tested helmet is worn.
Now that's logic enough to chuck those flimsy open face helmets and get yourself a full face protector !
The one pictured here is a LS2 Full Face Helmet with Dual visor. Costing INR 5300 , this helmet is DOT approved.
DOT approved and ISI stamped helmets are available from INR 800 online. Studds has a good range too at economical prices.
2). Knee and elbow Guards : Knees and elbows are the first parts of your body touching the Tarmac when you skid due to water, oil, sand or sudden application of brakes. An animal, dare devil pedestrian, gung-ho cyclist or a vehicle turning without signal can cause a crash. When that happens you don't want your knees or elbows suffering. Specially in winters !
So go get some knees and elbow guards ! Available online on Amazon, Snapdeal eye Rupees 500 onwards.
3). Biking Gloves : Dont leave home without these when going on your motorbike. For starters doesn't matter how good your relationship with your bikeis, riding without gloves is like running without shoes. Inadvertently, one day, a stone, a thorn, or even a passing car will graze your hand and trust me the pain will be merciless. You could loose your balance and crash! And when you crash you will wish those road torn hands had gloves on them !
Plus they look really cool while riding !
Available online INR 549 onwards from ProBiker brand on Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc.
The ones pictures are by Royal Enfield and have served #TheGIRT through 12000 kms worth of Indian Roads and not a scratch on them! They come with impact absorption and abrasion resistance thermoformed knuckle protector and pure leather on palm for better Grip ! They are a bit dear for INR 2450 but worth every penny
4). Face Mask: Increasing pollution and dust has made it absolutely important to have a proper face mask while riding and not a gamcha or a scarf.
The ones pictures here is by Buff Headwear and is made specially for Royal Enfield from odour control Polygene material to keep Bacteria at bay for the life of the garment. They come in 4 styles at Rupees 999 each fromstore.RoyalEnfield.com or most Royal Enfield stores. We have tried other cheaper brands too and at INR 100 onwards they seem to do the job too but the ones by BuffWear UK definitely beat the cheaper competition in quality by a mile !
5). Bungee Cables: The short but important reason for Bungee cables in biker kit is that they make sure your luggage is tied perfectly on your bike! No loose luggage means safer and balanced ride. Plus the added incentive is that you won't piss off your biker buddies who really don't like stopping again and again coz your luggage or bag is loose again due to the flimsy nylon rope you've using to tie it. Nylon rope is good for only one thing - hanging laundry! So for a safer, comfortable and biker group friendly ride get yourself a pair of bungee ropes ASAP ! Thicker the better. The one pictures here were brought at INR 50 each from Chawla Parts in KarolBagh, New Delhi but also available easily on the internet.
That's all for now folks ! Happy Riding!

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Psi_Pixel Great post, bro! These are indeed essential for every other biker looking to munch miles. Also, do check out my post on bike accessories. Here's another interesting thread on best accessories for our rides!


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Solo riding is fun with just you and your motorcycle. And to make it more enjoyable here’s few quick safety tips to follow:
Always Wear a Helmet
Choose a standard and ISI approved helmets for more safe and enjoyable solo rides.
Know Your Limit
Your motorcycle has limits and so do you. It is very important to know both of them and not make your ride exhausted.
Watch Your Speed
Always keep in mind speed limits of roads you are riding through.

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