How to use the forum

How to use the forum

How to use the forum

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If this is your first visit to the ZigWheels forum and you are reading this post, you are already half way in. Nevertheless, here are a few quick pointers on how to use this forum:
The Basic Navigation
1. Just browsing threads does not require you to sign up.
2. If you want to post, you will need to register first. To do that, you can either sign in with your Facebook ID or sign up directly in the forum. You will be prompted to choose a username and password, and enter a valid email address. The rest of the fields are optional.
3. Clicking on the "Home" button on any page will take you to the Forum home page.
4. Clicking on the ZigWheels logo will take you to the main ZigWheels website
5. You can navigate back to any screen using the breadcrumb menu at the top left of the screen as well.
The Forum Home Page
1. You will see a list of categories on the left hand side of the forum home page, which cover all the threads listed in the forum. Hovering on a category will show you the topics within that category.
2. To the right of that you will find a gallery that displays the latest photographs in the forum.
3. Clicking on any picture in the gallery will show you which post in the forum it is associated with.
4. Clicking on the "View More" button will open up the latest photos in an album form
5. Below the gallery you will find a summary of the latest posts in threads as they appear in chronological order.
6. Clicking on the "Popular This Week" tab will show you the threads with the most activity
7. To the left is a pane with recent activity as it occurs on the forum
8. The top right hand corner of the Forum Home Page has your sign-in information and a notifications icon that will show you a number that includes private messages, replies to your posts, and tagging mentions.
9. Clicking on "Forum Menu" will show you the entire list of topics in the forum
Posting in the Forum
1. If you have already signed into the forum you are free to post, subject to moderation rules (See thread on Membership Levels)
2. Before you post we encourage you to read the Forum Rules and also first Introduce Yourself.
3. Use the search function to first search for any topic that you wish to post on, in case a thread on that topic already exists.
4. If a topic does not already exist, you can start a new topic by clicking on the "New Topic" button in the relevant forum category.
5. If you wish to reply in a thread, you can directly click the "Post Reply" button at the top left of the screen or navigate down to the end of the page where you will find a "Reply Box"
6. If you wish to quote or multi-quote a message just click on the "Quote" button at the bottom of a post and you will see a number appear near the "Post Reply" button. If you click on "Quote" in multiple posts, the total number of quotes will appear as a number near the "Post Reply" button. Then, when you click "Post Reply", all the quoted text will be automatically inserted in the reply box. Do preview your post before posting to look for glaring errors.
Posting images in the Forum
1. While creating a post, used the Advanced Editor "A" on the right hand corner of the reply box to open the toolbar. (See image sequence below)
2. Place your cursor at a point in your post where you want your image to appear.
3. Click on the Insert Image icon (or Insert Video icon in case you want to insert a video).
4. A pop up dialogue box will ask you either for an image URL or ask you to Upload an image.
5. Only images that are uploaded will be displayed on the homepage gallery, images pointed at from an external URL will not.
6. Once you have selected the image you wish to upload, click on "Send to server" and the image will appear in your post
7. We encourage image sizes of not below 720px in width. The optimum size for the image should not exceed 1024px in width.
8. Image file size should not exceed 3MB each.
9. A total of 25 images per post is allowed.
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If you use the attach button or the camera icon, images will appear as a list of attachments, which will open in an album view. That is OK if you want to keep the post brief and don't really want to describe each image. But ideally use the above steps to upload images.

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