Driverless Taxis Debut in Singapore

Driverless Taxis Debut in Singapore

Driverless Taxis Deb..

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"Help! I'm in a cab with no driver!" Travellers in Singapore are going to be in for a shock in the next couple of weeks, when they hail a cab and one shows up a their doorstep with no one driving it. nuTonomy, an autonomous vehicle startup, is debuting a fleet of driverless cabs in Singapore. To start with there would be only six cars, but the company says that by 2018, it will have a whole fleet of autonomous cabs, which will help ease congestion on Singapore's streets.
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The cars that are being used are modified Renault Zoe (electric car) and Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicles. The one in the photo above is a Renault Zoe. (Also see: Renault Zoe EV spotted testing in Bangalore). The car's are not entirely occupant less though. It will have a human driver on standby with it, just sitting in the car and also a researcher for now, as it's still being tested.
See this video of a test drive in a Mitsubishi i-MiEV autonomous driving car:

And here's another one with the technology being explained:

Driverless car technology is being tried out in India too. Check this thread out - Made in India, a Driverless Tata Nano
News source: Bloomberg

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