Is There Any Good Car Tracking Device with Engine Cut-off Available?

Is There Any Good Car Tracking Device with Engine Cut-off Available?

Is There Any Good Ca..

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How can you save your car from hi-tech car thieves in India? I heard now these guys also using GPS jammers to beat tracking devices and are using Duplicate ECM keys to steal cars. Is there any way to assure full car safety?


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  • 19 Jul 2016, 6:11 pm
There are quite a few GPS tracking devices which can cut off fuel supply and even shut off electrical systems in the car that are available in the Indian market. I have two of them installed in two of my cars. One is by a company called 'Balin Tracker' which is essentially an SMS based unit to which I have to send a specific SMS to arm/disarm the system or to halt the engine remotely. It will also call my phone and send me an SMS if there is any attempted theft with the vehicle. The other one has a system from a company called 'Fastrackerz'. This is again a GPS & GSM app based device that does the same sort of tracking function and remote engine shut off. There are other systems as well from Phoenix Security and Autocop which have similar functions.
Besides installing these trackers in hidden locations within the vehicle, visible deterrents also work. Installing a gear lock is a good visible deterrent as it will ensure the thief has to spend another 15 minutes to work on the vehicle. Want more security? Install a steering lock. Even more? Install a clutch lock. Similarly, having a central locking system with remote alarm also works. RFID key with immobilizer has now become almost standard on all cars, but then thieves have resorted to stealing ECUs and matching keys to get around that.
In the end, you just need to have more security than the car next to yours, to get the thief to move on. Each additional device / gadget you add, will add about 15 minutes to the thief's time and they wouldn't want to risk getting caught. (A cheap solution - you may want to repurpose an old phone as a tracking device. See this: https://www.zigwheels.com/forum/post...budget-gadgets)


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  • 25 Oct 2017, 3:49 pm
I recommend OBD2 GPS Car Tracker VT200 definitely is the best choice to your car. It is a simple plug & play device which can be easily attached to your car’s OBD Port.
This OBD2 Tracker can do real-time GPS tracking of your car. It has the functions of moving test, mileage tracker, abnormal alarm, dead zone supplement, remote upgrade, and internal 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and driving behavior analysis, making it the best Car GPS Tracker in this range.

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