India's First Audi TT Mk3 TUNED- Story

India's First Audi TT Mk3 TUNED- Story

India's First Audi T..

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Hey guys,
My name is Akshay Jain
I'm new here on the forum so I shall begin with the basics
I have a 2015 Audi TT 8S in Florett Silver Metallic. I am from India and a real performance freak.
Thus my cars usually do not remain mechanically stock for long. It's the same case with my 1 year old TT.
It has a host of upgrades and modifications on it and many more are yet to come.
Believe it or not, I had actually gone to the showroom planning to buy an Audi A3 8V 1.8Tsi but the TT swayed me with its handling above anything else. It definitely lacked power but I decided that I can fix it and have it as my project car. I purchased the car on 2nd June 2015. I took it to a track day after 1200 kms and it's rear brakes warped in just 10 Laps of our local Formula 1 track- the Buddh international Circuit. I claimed warranty on it and got the rear discs and pads swapped. Phew.. was quite a shock since it was my first "Sports car".
Since my car was new, there were not many modifications available since everyone was working to figure out how many the TT and S3 and Golf R and GTi parts are common and interchangeable. I needed to fix my rear braking problem which I was facing on track. The reason I was able to trace it back to was the brake actuated diff that brakes the inside rear wheel to make the turn-in sharper. The continuous inside wheel braking by the diff combined with the solid 300mm discs at the rear with bad oem brake pad compound meant that the brakes were done in 10 laps with the right one showing more wear than the left (more right handers on Buddh Circuit than left handers).
I decided to swap out the rear discs and all 4 pads. I circled on a company named Tarox for my braking solutions. They unfortunately did not make brakes for my car thus I had to wait for 3 months to procure the new, slotted and cryogenic discs which could endure the braking of the inside wheel on track. The pads I have put on my car are EBC Yellow Stuff which are basically race quality pads that can endure much higher temperatures.
So, After I sorted out my rear Brakes issues, I decided to get onto the power front of things. Now, Since the TT 8S was a new platform to work on for tuners, the Remaps were not available. You could find MTM or ABT tuning boxes but a tuning box can not compete with an out and out Remap, thus, I decided to wait and get onto other modifications that would not require a new map, something the current map could accommodate.
I went on to order new boost pipes, throttle body pipe, turbo Muffler Delete and a Go Fast Bits DV+ which is an electronically actuated BPV. This would improve the airflow within the engine and the car would be able to not only hold more boost, but also get more bottom end power.

Day of delivery for the new parts was met with huge enthusiasm and excitement. I went and got the parts installed immidiately!!
Tuners in India are rare, so, it is tough to find Dynos anywhere in the city!! So we turn to VCDS and the engine parameter logs which we use to find the theoretical power our cars are producing.
Now I must apologise because I do not have the Stock Dyno sheet of my car and neither do I currently have the one after installing the pipes, theyre lying in a friends computer right now who is tinkering away with his 360 hp Skoda Octavia Mk2.
But i can tell you, my car gained approximately 15 hp in the bottom end with the turbo spooling up quicker than before. But in order to truly make a difference in the air flow rates, I would need to install an intake and an exhaust (preferrably sports cat or decat) but again, I would need a remap for those modifications. So I waited for a map.
APR Launched the first map that I saw, after B&B (who i did not want to contact because they have no support in India). I contacted APR by sending my ECU code and they said that my car's map was in development and my ECU "version" was 3 and they had come up with the remap for "version" 4. Meanwhile, I spoke to REVO regarding their map but their's was also in development.
By the end of April, REVO Technik came out with a remap for my car claiming an unbelievable 315-330 hp and 440-460 nm torque. I called up my REVO dealer (who is a close friend) and arranged the appointment to meet as soon as possible.
My car got mapped on 1st June 2016. I bought the Revo Patented Serial Port Switching module from them with which I could change my car's maps on the fly.
Here are the maps that were available for me to swap between-
-Stock (Yes I can revert to stock too)
-95 Octane Map
-97 Octane Map
-Anti-Theft Map
Do you notice the bump in bottom end of the logs of the stock TT HP line? That is because of the pipes and diverter valve I had installed. Mind you, the car is still running stock intake and exhaust in this log.
Then, I decided to go for a Revo carbon Intake to complement the Revo Map, and go for ABT Quad tip Exhaust to remove some of the choke points of the car. Audi TT has 2 Resonators, One on the downpipe and 1 on the midpipe. I had the mid pipe resonator removed and the ABT Exhaust installed.
After both the intake and exhaust were installed, we logged the car again to find out that the car was producing +8 hp and +25 nm torque than before.
Below are recent acceleration files and exhaust clips.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjmTRmLfc6Q - Acceleration FIles
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-OWjeXhbYE - Exhaust Clip after ABT exhaust
So that was the performance end of things, now for a bit of showing off
I decided to put tyre stickers on my Continental Conti Sport Contact 5's
Also, back in december 2015, I had no idea about the VCDS bits and ways to enable different stuff since nothing was experimented, I stumbled upon the Lap Timer while tinkering with the VCDS and also managed to enable the oil temp gauge.
Stay tuned Stage 2 and more power is on its way
Thank you, Cheers

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  • 2 Jul 2016, 10:42 am
Great post Akshay. I like what you have done with the TT. Building your own performance sports car is better than buying one - the results are far more satisfying. The TT is a good choice as it seems like the ideal car for the track and to take to work everyday too, unlike some of the supercars and hypercars. The new one looks nice too, with inspiration from the R8.


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  • 22 Feb 2017, 2:36 pm
Hi Akshay. This is some really great stuff...How much did all of this cost you? I have recently picked up the TT. Even I feel it lags a bit of power. Need an advice. Thanks

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