Kawasaki May Resurrect The Z900

Kawasaki May Resurrect The Z900

Kawasaki May Resurre..

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The legendary Z900 was Kawasaki's answer to the hugely popular Honda CB 750. The inline cross-frame four cylinder wonder was the most powerful Japanese four cylinder, four stroke bike in the market. With 82 bhp on tap, electric starter and a top speed of 210 kmph, the bike became quite a hit.
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If rumors are to be believed, Kawasaki is planning to bring up the Z900 back but this time, it is going to be with a bonkers supercharged engine. After the H2 and H2R, it seems like the future of Kawasaki is going to be supercharged engines. The Balanced Supercharger technology by Kawasaki uses electronically controlled flaps which adjusts the intake air velocity and direction and volume so as to give an optimized air-fuel mixture. It also improves throttle response, fuel efficiency and unlike turbochargers, Kawasaki's supercharged engines have no lag.
The bike is likely to retain its classic design style. I'd say, a retro modern bike with a supercharged engine is indeed a tasteful combination! There's no official say about the bike's release date, though. Expect the power figures to be more than 150 bhp and going by the looks of the representative image, I hope the bike comes loaded with modern features like inverted forks, dual discs with ABS, analog-digital combo console, traction control and the likes. I just can't wait to see the production form!
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