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Welcome to the ZigWheels Automobile Forum

Car and Bike Research
Bikes in India > Please suggest a bike for me By Arjun | Posted 16 Nov, 3:06PM

Chanchal_Gupta ( Sorry, I cant comment on the pillion comfort of these, as I havent ridden these bikes with a Read More


Thanks for the reply .Wiĺl go for 15w40 or at max. 10w40 (as it will provide semi -synthetic in almost same price😊😊😉😉) Read More

Car and Bike Research

Arjun ( Hi this topic is of very specific interest for me because I was looking for comprehensive car insurance and Read More

Travel and Leisure

Hi Every one,This Praveen from Hyderabad,My CB Trigger Display light was not working,i am asking to Honda Service team they said change the digital meters But Read More

Car and Bike Research
Insurance > Buying Car Insurance Online By Nishu_Rai | Posted 14 Nov, 12:31PM

Hello all is there any specific benefit if we opt for digital insurance directly be delivered without any agent? Read More

Modifications and Accessories

Praveen ( Hi Praveen have you used it? Is there any specific range after which the device could not be mapped Read More

Car and Bike Research

Awadeshs0 ( Insurance and road tax are generally the two biggest factors that add to the price of the vehicle and Read More


MikeJJ ( yes I agree a simple rat poison should do right? Read More

Car and Bike Research

Hi I m planning to buy a scooter. Which is best in terms of cost and benefit analysis or low cost with maximum features and performance and mileage---Mahindra Read More

Car and Bike Research

Clash King ( Price in India Nagpur ? Imported in India? Read More

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