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Welcome to the ZigWheels Automobile Forum

Car and Bike Research
Cars in India > New Car Purchase By Rocky_drifter | Posted 20 Aug, 12:25AM

Deepak Atray wait for another month for new design update. If your place has a limited service center just go for Maruti Suzuki. Still a better brand and after sales service with low cost maintenance.  Read More

General Discussion

adityapurkar5 no don't think so  Read More


Thanks for the reply,i had got the clutch release bearing (ACM bearing)replaced from the mechanic ,he removed the front of gearbox assembly or the head only Read More

Car and Bike Research
Comparisons > Creta or WRV or EcoSport By susee | Posted 19 Aug, 11:59AM

hemalp108I am not that experienced with petrol motors, but try not to go with Ford. Ford is essentially for diseal enthusiasts. For petrol, I think Honda and Maruti are the best one. Infact, Honda was forced to go Diseal in India to hold on thier market share, else they would have persisted with thier V-tech engines, which are super refined!! Read More

General Discussion

Deepak1986 ( Hi Deepak, Sorry to go off topic, but one issue I see for you is the service location. As per the Read More

General Discussion

Shaurya R, i hope better to go with i20 only Read More

Car and Bike Research
Bikes in India > Which bike to buy? By Arjun | Posted 17 Aug, 12:22PM

Nevill_Mehta ( In the long run the Passion Pro i3s would fare a little better than the Platina. Both bikes are Read More

General Discussion
Indian Auto Trends > EV conversion By Arjun | Posted 17 Aug, 10:12AM

Hi Senthil, This is an interesting thread that you have started. Can you please put another post, explaining the conversion system you have mentioned? Read More

Car and Bike Research
Bikes in India > Please suggest a bike for me By Arjun | Posted 16 Aug, 5:18PM

Tarun ( For city riding and touring i would suggest you to consider the Yamaha FZ250. Its a smooth city rider and Read More

Modifications and Accessories

Please share the pics of it Luv and the beam throw of high and low beam I am also interested in installing bixenon for my LUV Read More