Bajaj Dominar 400 vs Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6

Bajaj Dominar 400 vs Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 Summary

Bajaj Dominar 400 Price starts at Rs. 2.12 Lakh which is Rs. 12,255 costlier than base model of Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 priced at Rs. 1.99 Lakh. The claimed mileage . In technical specifications, Bajaj Dominar 400 is powered by 373.3 cc engine , while Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 is powered by 294.72 cc engine. Bajaj Dominar 400 is available in 4 different colours while Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 comes with 4 colours. 54% users have chosen Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 over Bajaj Dominar 400 in a survey being conducted on zigwheels.com.
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Basic Info Dominar 400 BS6Mojo 300 BS6 Black Pearl
Brand Bajaj Mahindra
Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 2.12 Lakh View On Road Price Rs. 1.99 Lakh View On Road Price
(914 Ratings)
(17 Ratings)
Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke, DOHC, 4 Valve, Liquid cooled, Triple Spark, FI Liquid Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine, 1 Cylinder; DOHC
Max Power 40 PS @ 8800 rpm 25.72 PS @ 7300 rpm
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol
Dominar 400 Colors
Mojo 300 BS6 Colors
Brakes Front Disc Disc
Brakes Rear Disc Disc
Wheel Size Front :-431.8 mm, Rear :-431.8 mm Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy) Alloy Alloy
ABS Dual Channel Dual Channel
Starting Self Start Only Self Start Only
Speedometer Digital Digital
Insurance Rs. 20,274 Dominar 400 Insurance Rs. 10,400 Mojo 300 BS6 Insurance

Engine Type
Single cylinder, 4 stroke, DOHC, 4 Valve, Liquid cooled, Triple Spark, FI
Liquid Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine, 1 Cylinder; DOHC
Engine Displacement
373.3 cc
294.72 cc
Max Power
40 PS @ 8800 rpm
25.72 PS @ 7300 rpm
Max Torque
35 Nm @ 6500 rpm
25.96 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Emission Type
89 mm
76 mm
60 mm
65 mm
No Of Cylinders
Drive Type
Chain Drive
Chain Drive
Valve Per Cylinder
Fuel Type
ECU Based Digital Electronic Ignition
Compression Ratio
12 : 1

Brakes Front
Brakes Rear

Mileage (City)
26.50 kmpl
Mileage (Highway)
34.00 kmpl

Telescopic, 43 mm USD Fork, 135 mm travel
Telescopic, with fork brace
Beam type perimeter frame
Twin Tube Exposed Frame, Coaxial Mounting of Engine Frame & Swing Arm
Multi-step adjustable Mono shock with Nitrox, Wheel stroke of 110 mm
Gas Charged Mono Shock with IFP (internal Floating Piston)

Tyre Size
Front :-110/70-17, Rear :-150/60-17
Front :-110/70-17 Rear :-140/70-17
Wheel Size
Front :-431.8 mm, Rear :-431.8 mm
Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Tyre Type
Radial Tyre
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy)

2156*836*1112 mm3
2115*800*1150 mm3
1453 mm
1460 mm
2156 mm
2115 mm
Ground Clearance
157 mm
165 mm
836 mm
800 mm
Fuel Capacity
13 Liters
21 Liters
Kerb Weight
187 Kg
186.2 Kg
Total Weight
337 kg
Tail Light
Front Brake Diameter
320 mm
320 mm
Rear Brake Diameter
230 mm
240 mm

Battery Type
Full DC
Charging at Home
Battery Capacity
12 V, 8 Ah
12 V, 9 Ah
Charging at Charging Station
Pilot Lamps
LED tail lights
Turn Signal Lamp

Dual Channel
Dual Channel
Body Type
Sports Naked Bikes, Sports Bikes
Tourer Bikes
Body Graphics
Self Start Only
Self Start Only
Seat Type
Pass Switch
Trip Meter
Low Fuel Warning Lamp
Low Battery Indicator
Stepup Seat
Passenger Footrest
Cooling System
Liquid Cooled
Liquid Cooled

Pros and Cons

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  • Cons

Bajaj Dominar 400

  • Usable and exciting performance; Loaded with touring friendly accessories; Upright riding ergonomics

Bajaj Dominar 400

  • Feels a bit heavy to ride in city traffic; Rear suspension is stiffly sprung

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Dominar 400 and Mojo 300 BS6 Competitors

Recently Asked User Questions

Q. Should I go with Dominor 400 or Suzuki Gixxer SF 250. If i am considering the build quality, Engine quality and a bit of touring but not more than 250km a day.
  • Japanese bikes are revolutionary machines. Their any product particularly. The built, ergonomics (very imp), the mechanicals - the most important for better performance are umatchable. Gxr250 is an amazing machine. Within the city 5 gears are fantastic, once higjway comes the 6th gear shows the potential of the engine. Easily cruising at 120 kmps with pillion.And the engine is patented.When you think of rx100, RD 350 you understand what amount of RnD they do to make superb products that last a lifetime. Think and decide
  • Dominor is the best. . Refined engine... And the service netowork is great..so if your on your trip.. and something goes wrong ( which would never happen) you can get it done irrespective of you being in any corner of India... And they do prioritize dominors over the other bajaj bikes so you would get your ride the same day.. and bajaj service stations are open all Sunday's too ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • If your top priority is touring, go for dominar. Hardcore sportbike lovers can even neglect the discomfort of touring with a sportbike like i do. But if it is not mandatory for you to buy a sportbike, go for a naked tourer
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Q. Which bike is better for long ride. Dominar 400 or Himalayan?
  • It's a tough decision, Even I went through this situation at the time of purchasing my Dominar.. Both are well known for touring purposes so which one would be better? 1. RE's are well know for rusting issues, Bajaj is way better in that case. I 've seen platina and boxer without rust even to this date, which is like 10 years or more.2. In terms of performance Himalayan give 25HP whereasDominar was 35HP now it's 40HP. 3. In terms of maintenance and reliabilityBajaj is cheaper and they have a better know how about fuel injection systems since they 've got KTM and its proven, whereas RE came up with Fuel injection systems for the first time where they themselves don't know what to do, how to fix, so in terms of service RE is on the expensive as well as very disappointing as far as I know. 4. Biggest Con I spotted when it comes to touring perspective is lack of tubeless tyres on RE's. It's not practical to remove the entire tube out and fix it in the middle of nowhere.Whereas Dominar comes equipped with a Alloy wheel and Radial Tubeless tyres which is tension free, we can fix it ourself if you got a portable tyre inflator and puncher repair kit which you can literally store under your seat if required. 5. Dominar gives you a better experience and confidence while cornering and riding through high range whereas Himalayan's center stand scrapes the road at times which robs your balance and ends up injuring yourself. 6. Brakes are way better on Dominar 400 when compared to Himalayan's braking unit which lacks bite. 7. We might feel our vehicle is quite under powered when it comes to highway cruising at tripple digit speed, where as you can cruise at 100+ without reving the engine really hard which makes the ride more enjoyable with less vibration, Dominar can go upto 165 kmph easily and we got the right braking unit equiped with Bosch ABS so that gives us a extra confidence to have some fun. 8. Cold start missing and starting issues is something what I 've noticed with Himalayan. I 've seen people struggling to start where as it's easy peasy on Dominar, combination of fuel injection and tripple spark technology is proven. Considering these as a whole I strongly believe Dominar is the best touring bike under 2.5 lakhs price bracket. Which is value for money and easy to maintain with less gizmo and unwanted features to attract people which literally ends up with complaints over a period of time which comes equipped with sophisticated technology and sensors where we need to spend more to fix post warranty period.
  • Both, Bajaj Dominar 400 and Royal Enfield Himalayan are brilliant tourers and boasts comfortable riding position for long distance travels. The upright riding posture with a slight forward stance on the Dominar offers comfortable ride quality coupled with even comfy seat, On the other hand, Himalayan makes long distance touring feel like a breeze. The pliant suspension, confident stride and long-haul friendly ergonomics will delight you while going for a long-ride. Now, if you are looking for a bike with outright performance and more features, then the Dominar 400 makes more sense, whereas, if you want to cruise at nominal speeds and want to enjoy the traits like comfortable riding then we would suggest you to opt for the Himalayan. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. You may click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details. Read More: - [Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6: Road Test Review@https://www.zigwheels.com/reviews-advice/reviews/royal-enfield-himalayan-bs6-road-test-review/37680/
  • Dominaar
Q. Which is better, I will use to commute from home to college through a 5-10 min highway and also sometimes roam somewhere, should I go for Dominar 400 or meteor 350?
  • Both bikes have different characteristics. If we talk about Dominar 400, in its current avatar, it makes for a great urban motorcycle, oozing plenty of style and character, as well as packing in the performance and comfort to make occasional touring a breeze. If you want better power performance and at a price and good feature list too you may go for Dominar 400. On the other hand, if we talk about Meteor 350, the thump wrapped up in a refined, easy to ride, confident and practical package sounds just right. The lack of oil leaks or missing parts over our 800km stint makes the package more joyous. The healthy fuel efficiency, 10,000km oil-change intervals and 5000km/6 month service inspections make it more endearing. So, this Royal Enfield fulfills the promise made by the Thunderbird many years ago. However, the Meteor doesnโ€™t make a bigger and bolder promise of its own by way of plush ride quality, a greater sense of richness or, crucially, better cruising ability. You may compare boht bikes accordingly. Do take a test ride in order to get better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.
  • Now this is completely a choice..of looks and performance.. Dominaar is more sporty..high end speed and..Meteor is also has good low end torque and is a different segment.. both are fine..but as such Meteor also has a completely new engine less vibrations you can opt for it too..no issues as such..u just don't get higb too end speed like 140 + that you get in Dominaar
  • I am looking to buy a car in 10 lakhs on road price . I have zeroed on skoda rapid rider version. Is it a good and reliable car to maintain?
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Dominar 400 Vs Mojo 300 BS6 Comparison FAQs

Which bike is best between Dominar 400 vs Mojo 300 BS6?

As per the users experiences Bajaj Dominar 400 is a winner for you if you are seriously looking for performance, maintenance and features in your bike. But Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 is better on the grounds of mileage. On the basis of comfort user have rated both the bikes equally.

Which bike is cheaper Dominar 400 vs Mojo 300 BS6?

The Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6 is cheaper than Bajaj Dominar 400 by Rs. 12,255.

Which bike offers better performance Dominar 400 vs Mojo 300 BS6?

For the BS6 version, 373.3 cc engine of Dominar 400 produces 40 PS @ 8800 rpm of power and 35 Nm @ 6500 rpm of torque. Whereas for the Black Pearl version, 294.72 cc engine of Mojo 300 BS6 produces 25.72 PS @ 7300 rpm of power and 25.96 Nm @ 6000 rpm of torque
As per the users experiences the Bajaj Dominar 400 has better performance.

User Reviews of Comparison

  • Bajaj Dominar 400
  • Mahindra Mojo 300 BS6
  • 5.0

    It is my first motorcycle, I have not ridden a motorcycle before in my life, my previous experience is with a small car and a mountain bike. I started three months ago, now I do routes of 40 minutes to an hour, in the city and on the highway, my maximum speed based on my little experience has been 150 km / h maximum, both during the day, night or light rains and storms, at the moment very noble very docile when you control your clutch and throttle well. In short, YES IT IS A GOOD MOTORCYCLE FOR BEGINNERS, it depends on your motivation to develop your skills and ride, in my case I can tell you that the best thing is to hit the road.

  • 5.0

    Dominar 400 ug is great bike from bajaj i use this bike on daily basis as well as on long jurney/ tour.. i love the performance n handling of this bike especially the high speed stability of this bike the crusing speed of this bike around 90 ti 130km. Talkin about mileage i get around 26 to 28 in city & 38 to 42 on highway or long tour..The only thing i dislike of this is center/ main stand since its a sports tourer it must have one... the USD front fork n soft rear suspension offer great comfort n ride quality ๐Ÿ‘Œ the up right sitting position of this bike is great for daily usge as well fr weekends or long rides...

  • 5.0

    I rate my bike because I am in love with it..even though it weighs 182 kg it handles the twisties sort of nicely..the ride comfort is awesome,the 10led headlight offers best in class illumination..let me tell you one thing,if you want a bike between the high on track duke 390 and the simple bullet 500 the best choice is the dominar.but there are things which are lacking like the gear indicator and stuff.p.s:my bike is bs4 and it's in canyon red

  • 5.0

    The bajaj dominar i own since 2018 april blue colour one.Perfect for city ride and touring also bit of off-roading.Much comfortable in all road sometimes a bit stiff the front one.If you have the 2020 edition this complain also not there.I use to get descent mileage about 30 to 35 and in city 28 kmpl.Perfect touring bike with the affordable price and a power cruiser.

  • 5.0

    Value for money bike in the segment.Those who prefer least electronics interruption while riding will love this bike.Pillion comfort is ok but not too good.Many people complain about the absence of latest tech on the bike but there are people who like old school type with decent performance like me.To them it is perfect.

Dominar 400 User Reviews
  • 5.0

    I am like this bike, The dealers support in chennai and services in providing of tamilnadu.Mojo one of the best bike my point of view.

  • 5.0

    Bike is very good the riders and i am buying in 2020 very good bike by mahindra mojo 300cc very good bike buy it all super bike it is.

  • 4.6

    The bike the first generation in itself is worth in terms of riding comfort, Long distance, Highway runs at 130+ easily and cheap maintenance.Its a myth of people not trusting the quality of a machine and brand.Agree sales wasn't upto the mark and mahindra not hearing the cries of customers to give an upgrade other than cosmetic changes.I myself am not a fan of bs6 engine wise and cosmetic wise.The poet and nm for the first gen is mind blowing.Happy to own it still and proud owner.

  • 4.6

    This beast is really costly, Being an Indian company mahindra should have considered the amount. The bike is fantastic in riding. I got to hear services are pathetic, Well it is quite hard for me to say as it is not yet done. Well the one who was cleaning bike was worst in doing that, So it might be possible for servicing as well. Long ride is awesome. Quality of bike are premium.

  • 4.6

    Excellent bike for highway, City and occasional and moderate offroading.Very useful for tours with pillion and superb comfortable seat and handling.

Mojo 300 BS6 User Reviews

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