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Yamaha SZ-X vs. Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i

The Bajaj Discover 150 DTS-i and the Yamaha SZ-X flummoxed the entire jury at the 2010 ZigWheels Bike of the Year awards. We took them out for another round to find out why




Now we don't like controversies here at ZigWheels, not even a little bit. So if you are wondering just why we are doing a comparison between the Yamaha SZ-X and the Bajaj Discover 150 DTSi after the former has already bested the latter in the fight for the 2010 ET ZigWheels Bike of the Year award, here's a quick rundown. The SZ-X might have taken the top honours, but the within-segment battle was far more tumultuous. With eight jurors giving four votes each to the SZ-X and the Discover 150, there was a tie in the 150cc Commuter Motorcycle of the Year category, thanks to which both bikes were in contention for the big one, the overall Bike of the Year. Here, the Yamaha not only took the maximum points to win the ultimate trophy, but was also declared the segment winner thanks to it scoring more than the Bajaj. Blame this on the SZ-X evoking the riding enthusiast in most of the jury members. So determined to put this debate to rest once and for all, we took both the bikes out for one last comprehensive head-to-head test.


A question of beauty

Now bear in mind that both these bikes are meant to be mass market commuter vehicles, so neither one is going to be winning any beauty contests when going up against the other beefier 150cc motorcycles available in the Indian market right now. That being said, the SZ-X is a rather good looking machine. Sure, it's weedier when compared to its sibling, the Yamaha FZ16, but overall, it is very well proportioned and one would have no difficulty in even describing it as handsome. The real charm of the SZ-X is of course in the details. Right from its two-tone bikini fairing with a floating windshield to the sculpted tank extensions, to the pristine two-tone side and tail panel combination and the split rear tail light - every little bit of the bike looks gorgeous. And to top it off, the build quality and the finish of all the various bits and pieces that make up the bike is just brilliant.


The Discover 150 on the other hand is a slightly different story. By no means is it a bad looking bike, but it does lack a little flair when compared to the Yamaha. While everything is well proportioned, it does give a feeling of being built to a price. But the worse crime the Discover 150 commits, design-wise, is not being significantly different from any of the other Discovers, such as the 112, the 125 or even the 135. Add to that, the lack of colour options - all you get is a black base paint as standard and an option of either blue or red vinyl - and you realize that it really doesn't stand too much of a chance against the FZ-X in terms of aesthetics. Our main complaint is that while the held-back styling still might work in the lower capacity commuter segment, it really doesn't hold much ground amongst these 150cc-plus bikes.


by priyadarshan bawikar , Photography : kunal khadse Posted on January 5, 2011 12:57 IST Views: 137521