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New Honda Dio vs Yamaha Ray : Comparison

Are they two of a kind or is Yamaha's new Ray so different in its underpinnings that it took the country's most youthful scooter to prove us wrong? We take the revamped Honda Dio and the female focused Yamaha Ray on a quick spin around town to figure out where their 'scooter similarities' really do end


New Honda Dio & Yamaha Ray action



If you look around town and you’ll be amazed at how many new scooters have hit our roads in recent times. While the return of the iconic Vespa even with its hefty price tag has proved to be the ultimate showstopper in this partial scooter arena revolution that we have gradually begun to witness, new entrants from the Hero MotoCorp, Suzuki, Honda, Mahindra and more recently the Yamaha stables can most certainly not be overlooked.


That being said, the dynamics of the two-wheeler market have gradually branched out into needs now more specific to niche groups, sexes and the ever present fun factor, all of which are increasingly becoming very influential in boosting sales across the country, and thereby building stronger ties between the modern day scooter and the indispensable urban needs of the common man.


Price, looks, fuel efficiency, comfort and handling are still very much the most crucial ingredients for any of these city slickers looking to make a big impression amongst the masses, but if past lessons are anything to learn from ‘brands and badges’ do count for something even when some of the above mentioned factors are in baffling imbalance like in the case of the Vespa, which despite carrying a 60,000 plus MRP sticker is being picked up like warm woollens in a winter sale. That’s the power of a brand or plain and simple recall value right there and faith in a product that has evolved with the moving times on a global scale.




New Honda Dio & Yamaha Ray front fascia




But, what then could one make of the new Ray from Yamaha? The Japanese bike maker, better known for its performance motorcycles and bike sport ties isn’t your seasoned moped maker, but has had its share of experience with scooters and lower displacement mopeds that are rampant across the south eastern isles.


Bringing the Ray to India has been a surefooted move, and has already sparked off massive interest among the female circles which it is primarily targeting. But gauging by the looks, handling and performance characteristics of this newest scooter on the block, one is honestly left ambivalent.


So in an effort to settle some scores and see which is the better amongst the new found foes, we took the new Yamaha Ray and the refreshed Honda Dio on a quick spin around town and beyond to see which of the two were really worth their money.



by rahul basu , Photography : kunal khadse Posted on October 29, 2012 19:55 IST Views: 326063