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Honda CBR250R vs KTM Duke 200 vs Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: Comparison

Forget your 100cc commuters, your kilometres-to-the-litre top trumps... this is war. A war for the hearts and minds (and wallets) of Indian bikers, and by bikers, we mean those who love motorcycling in its truest sense




Bang for your buck

How much performance do you get for your money? That is the real bottom line at the end of the day


On paper at least, the CBR makes the most power, with the KTM following on its heels in second and the Pulsar a little lower down in third position. But performance isn’t purely a function of power, but more a combination of power and weight. That’s where the power-to-weight ratio comes into the picture, which with a kerb weight of just 136kg, the KTM 200 Duke tops the charts at 183.8PS/tonne. And this changes the dynamics of the comparison a little. Comparing the value-for- money aspects of these bikes, we thought it made the most sense to see how much performance you get for your money, rather than just compare features for price. Let’s face it - these are performance bikes. Whether one sports an all-digital console or split handlebars is really irrelevant. And since power-to-weight is the best benchmark for performance, here we check how much power-to-weight each bike offers per rupee (or lakh of rupees).


Duke 200 Honda CBR Pulsar 200NS exterior 2



Why the Pulsar 200NS

Competitive performance at a price that blows the competition out of the water - the 200NS is a proposition that you simply cannot ignore

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