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Bajaj Discover 100T vs Honda Dream Yuga vs Hero Passion X-Pro - Comparison

The small capacity commuter motorcycle formula has pretty much remained unchanged since the last three decades, but off late the bikes that occupy this space have started evolving. We take three of the best examples of these 'evolutionary' 100cc commuters, the Bajaj Discover 100T, the Hero Passion X-Pro and the Honda Dream Yuga and see what's what


Discover vs Dream Yuga vs Passion action



Mention the words “100cc commuter bike” to most of the moto-mentalists that we ZigWheels boys hang out with and you’ll be bombarded with queer to dirty looks at best and at worst you are guaranteed to learn a couple of new words you wouldn’t be caught dead uttering in the company of decent folk. What crime these built-to-a-price no-nonsense machines have done to deserve such ill-sentiment you ask, especially considering these bikes form more than a massive majority of the two-wheels puttering up and down Indian roads? The answer to that probably lies in the fact that none of these machines evoke any kind of emotion when ridden. They’re terrific tools – like a brilliant washing machine or a microwave oven – great for doing a particular job, the one of getting you from point A to point B in the most efficient manner possible in this case. But it would be a far cry to associate words like ‘fun’ or ‘exciting’ to any of these motorcycles. Or at least so I thought before I got astride the three motorcycles we have under consideration here – the Honda Dream Yuga, the Bajaj Discover 100T and the Hero Passion X-Pro. I really hadn’t spent much time on these type of motorcycles since back in my college days when I had a Hero Honda Splendor and boy, where the last few days ever so enlightening.



Now the three bikes we have here are among the newest kids on the block and stylistically speaking, not the most radical small capacity motorcycles available in the market right now. None of them sport exuberant lines like those of the Honda CB Twister or the Suzuki Hayate and maintain at least a modicum of conventionality in the way they have been penned. The broader appeal they bring to the table means that these are not going to be sold to a niche crowd and in fact are going to spell big numbers on the sales front for their respective manufacturers.



Discover vs Dream Yuga vs Passion - fuel tanks



Be that as it may, one of these bikes, the Dream Yuga in particular is far more conventional than the others. Not that this is a bad thing in any way. As we’ve said before in other reviews and comparisons, the approach definitely is contemporary and while it is a bike which no one can really hate, it won’t be winning any beauty contests either. The design is universally acceptable and should help it win a lot of fans who come from the more conservative schools of thought about how a functional motorcycle should look.


On the other hand, the Discover 100T really stands apart in this crowd. With its somewhat aggressively styled headlight cowl, large fuel tank, funky 10-spoke alloy wheels and a sporty looking exhaust, it really does feel like a (very slightly) scaled down version of its elder sibling the Discover 125T. What waters down the whole design though is the choice of colours. While Bajaj’s patented blue and red do a far better job than the most commonly seen black, we can’t help but think a couple of wilder colour options would have really brought out the Disco’s modern design. But then again, this is a segment where conventionality sells and that’s exactly why you’ll see the black schemes selling far more than the others.



Discover vs Dream Yuga vs Passion - Passion console



The Passion X-Pro really took us by surprise. At first glance, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about it – it just looks like a regular Hero Passion with another sticker job. Do a double take however and you’ll start to see some brilliant design touches. The tank extensions for one – they really do add some much needed character to the otherwise orthodox fuel tank and that flush fitting fuel cap really is like a cherry on the top. Then, seen from the side, you have that slash cut exhaust which seems to line up neatly with the similarly cut taillight, which by itself is gorgeously detailed, as are the turn indicators. When we were expecting more of the same (old) from a company which has made a name for itself for doing just that, the X-Pro really is like a whiff of fresh air – maintaining the family genes, but dressed in an exceptional handsome designer suit. If we had to choose between these three, we’d really be hard pressed between the Discover and the Passion, but the Passion does earn a few extra brownie points in our books thanks to its slightly more youthful exuberance. 


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