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110cc to 125cc Scooter Shootout

Halfway into 2012 and the fast emerging scooter segment has already witnessed four new entrants. But which one of them will manage to rattle the cages of the long-standing king of the hill, the Honda Activa?









Scooters are boring. Period. Even if their exterior make up is funky and snazzy, under the skin they all are slouchy and well, essentially dull. Not to mention, the constant variable transmission (automatic gearbox) as found on most of them consumes half of the power produced by the engine and then goes onto guzzle more gas than necessary resulting in low fuel efficiency. So why do they even make them? And why does anyone even consider buying them? Both questions have one clear cut answer – functionality. The practicality and functionality that a scooter brings to the table does not have an equal, atleast on this planet. Right from the era of the Vespas and Lambrettas, scooters have shown incredible expediency for low-cost mobility across genders and age groups.


And especially in the present day and age where roads are getting congested every hour, saving time is critical and convenience comes at a high price, scooters manage it all at a bargain price. Today there are rather impressive models in the market and all of them carry peculiar USPs to cater to the burgeoning demand for scooters. Barring the old hat in the game, the Honda Activa, there are four new scooters that have entered the space this year with the Suzuki Swish 125, the Hero Maestro, the Vespa and newest entrant, the new Mahindra Rodeo RZ.









So the perennial question, ‘which scooter to buy?’ has just gotten a whole lot more difficult to answer than ever before. Is the Honda Activa’s reign going to remain or is the long waiting period going to be the chink in its armour? Or is it going to be the Suzuki Swish 125 that will rattle its Japanese rival? It could also be the desi duo of the Hero Maestro and the Mahindra Rodeo RZ that may slowly yet steadily crawl past the leaders. And what about the Vespa you ask? The Italian wasp’s price-tag of Rs. 66,660 (Ex-Showroom Mumbai) puts it in a different league altogether where numbers are not in focus but the brand is, but, it is still in contention and opens doors to a new class which could see more entries from other manufacturers.


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