Tata Nano Twist: First Drive

Tata Motors adds the much needed power steering to its Nano. We take it for a spin to find out how much of a difference it has made


Tata Nano Twist



2008. A year that will perhaps be considered as a landmark in the time to come, not just in the Indian automotive scene but as an inspiration to manufacturers’ world over. By rolling out the Nano, which is probably one of the least expensive production cars in the world, Tata Motors set a benchmark in producing a no-frills cost effective car for the masses. To keep the costs low, the boffins at Tata questioned everything about the way a small car is made. They went the rear-engine rear-wheel drive way instead of the traditional front engine front-wheel drive format, replaced steel with fibre and dispensed with most nonessential features to bring to life Ratan Tata’s dream of producing a Rs 1 lakh car. As expected, the car tasted success, the effect of which was visible on the sales charts, but sadly it hasn’t been successful in maintaining the initial momentum then it hasn’t quit been an entirely smooth journey for the Nano so far.



Tata Nano Twist static



The Nano faced quite a few hurdles soon after it launch like the Singur factory pullout before Tata could commence production from the new facility, which caused delays in deliveries. Further to add to their woes, a few incidents of the car catching fire, more and more potential customers started losing faith in the product. Thankfully, Tata Motors was quick to look into the issue and rectify it to save the reputation of the Nano and since then it has once again been able to rebuild the trust. 


The Singur-based manufacturer gave the Nano an update last year and although there weren’t any substantial cosmetic changes it had a few in the right places to make it a little more ergonomically sound. This time round with the new Nano Twist, Tata has addressed some much needed problems in the car, and boy has it made a difference! 


by Ravi Ved Photography: Eshan Shetty Posted on January 13, 2014 12:15 IST Views: 66359

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