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Ssangyong Rexton W : Road Test

The Ssangyong Rexton is here and it's getting into a crowded market with SUVs that have been fighting it out for a while for supremacy. But is there something special up its sleeve that'll help Mahindra get a jump on the competition?



5-speed automatic transmission



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Power, but held back

The Rexton’s 2.7-litre diesel engine is actually a gem of a motor – 162PS of smooth power delivery and 340Nm of torque. It’s not too clanky either and more or less in line with most of the diesel powerplants you find on oil burners today. In fact it  even gives out that hint of a turbo whistle when you power on and all’s great till the time you’re chugging along at a smooth pace. The moment you put your foot down though – say, when you’re planning to overtake the lane-hogger in front of you, the Rexton takes a pause, thinks about it and then shifts a gear down to thrust you forward. 


All that while, it makes you wonder about the espresso shot you could have had in the meantime and that you should have probably stepped down on that gas pedal a little earlier. That’s because the 5-speed automatic transmission hasn’t really been able to keep up with the Rexton W RX7’s engine in terms of its performance and that holds the big car back by a bit. This also takes its toll on driving in choc-o-bloc traffic conditions and in turn on the car’s fuel efficiency though the shifts themselves are super-smooth and you’ll barely feel it when it happens. 



Ssanyong Rexton road test



While it managed an extremely rewarding 14kmpl in our highway runs, it disappointed us in the city with just about 8kmpl. This is obviously with the car in fully automatic mode and that could improve driver to driver and if constantly controlled using the manual mode on the transmission. 


The manual mode itself is an engaging gadget to play around with and it could just border on the being fun thanks to three choices of shifting up and down the gearbox. You could either use the very Porsche-style buttons on the steering wheel, or the buttons on the side of the shift lever or even the more ordinary lever itself and that’s the first time we’ve seen so many options to shift gears with in one car! 

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