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Mahindra Quanto : Road Test

The Quanto isn't just about being a chopped up Xylo, but also about it having one cylinder lower than the bigger MUV's engine. Despite that, it aims big but is it really everything that Mahindra promises it to be?



Mahindra Quanto engine




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The other place where the Quanto is a quarter down on the Xylo is in the engine bay. The Quanto makes do with a cylinder less on the Xylo’s four-pot with capacity going down to 1493cc. What that has led to is the world’s first 1.5-litre, three-cylinder engine with a twin-stage turbo and that’s actually important because while other hatchbacks will make do with about 80-85PS, what you get with the Quanto is over 100PS! 


Torque is a massive 240Nm as well and despite its 1800-odd kg kerb weight, makes for decent performance. What’s more important is that this engine will chug along through that 5-speed manual transmission in third gear all day long which in turn has its advantages in the fuel economy department. Our test cycle returned an overall efficiency of around 15kmpl – quite respectable considering the entire package the Quanto offers. And then there are those 15” wheels shod with 205/65 tyres that impart the car with great ability to soak up bumps. Having lost a little weight on the rear though means that the Quanto isn’t as planted as the Xylo is (if you can call it that), but no one’s going racing here with this kind of car, so all’s good there too.




Mahindra Quanto drive




We had been keeping an eye on the mini Xylo as it was called when it was camouflaged and under testing around Pune. To be honest, at that point it seemed a little queer and hugely disproportionate but the final product is actually pretty impressive if you really understand what the Quanto stands for. It’s not for everyone though and people looking for the refinement and poise of a hatchback will be hugely disappointed. But that’s a trade-off that many will be willing to and are in fact already making for the added space that the Quanto brings. Everything considered it does make sense to finally categorise this Rs 7.57 lakh vehicle (ex-showroom, Delhi).


It’s not a hatchback. It’s not an SUV. It’s not an MPV in the true sense either. What the Quanto is then, is a lifestyle vehicle – one that fits into its very own niche within the sub 4-metre brigade, and if that niche matches what you’re looking for, the Quanto seems just about perfect.






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