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Audi S6 : First Drive

by Vikram Gour Photography: Jaideep Singh Posted on 19 Jul 201333,777 Views3 Comments

The Audi S models have always carried an aura of aesthetic appeal, elegance, comfort and power, so when it comes to the S6, the expectations are high as this car has to uphold Audi's sporting legacy in a practical package


Audi S6



I have always been a fan of cars that underplay their true competence in terms of sheer out and out performance. These are cars that have been designed to look like your normal everyday sedan albeit for the fact that they have performance oriented genes underneath all that sheet metal. The first time I actually got to experience such a car was back in my college days where a friend surprised me with his Nissan Maxima (1996). Life has come a long way since then and while the VQ30DE engine of the Maxima did offer a 0-60 sprint in 6.7 seconds (not tested by us, but according to the brochure), I have managed to find my way into the driver’s seat of some rather potential machinery including the BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and of course my latest outing in the Audi S6.


This breed of car is essentially the best of both worlds, a combination of the luxuries of sedan coupled with the performance and drive dynamics of a sports car. Owning such a car means that you can easily cater to family needs of tooling around town and on the occasions that you would like to make the scenery a simple blur, all you have to do is prod the pedal under your right leg and unleash hell! 


In terms of the requirements laid down for cars of such pedigree, the Audi S6 lives up to all the expectations.  From the outside it is your everyday Audi A6 sedan and most people might dismiss it to be just that, however a closer look does reveal subtle details that point towards the performance car hidden underneath. For starters, you have the ‘S’ badging on the front grille, rear boot lid and the brake calipers. The grille itself is an eye-catching single frame unit and you also get a spoiler lip up front in order to provide negative lift. The ORVMs are neatly housed in a Chrome finish and there is a rear spoiler as well, however the telltale signs that this is not your run of the mill A6 are the S line exclusive 19 inch wheels, the platinum grey rear diffuser with blades in Optik metal and two sets of double oval shaped exhaust pipes that take pride on either side of the diffuser. The cherry on the cake is the little badge on the front fender that reads “V8T”, the only exterior reference to the monstrous motor underneath the hood. Like I said, this segment of car is all about being understated and Audi has achieved just that.


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