2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Diesel S350 CDI: Review

We drive the sensible diesel engine S350 CDI version of the brilliant new Mercedes-Benz S-Class



2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Review front three quarter



The Mercedes-Benz S-Class was a quantum step ahead for luxury cars of that category. The S500, which we drove a few months ago, felt leaps and bounds ahead of cars that were twice its price range while managing to give out a sense of restraint. Mercedes-Benz has now decided to go the sensible route and launch the eagerly awaited diesel version of their flagship S-Class with the all-new S350 CDI. But will a diesel engine make the S-Class experience even better? Read on to find out.



2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Review panning



The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S350 CDI on the outset looks the same as its much more expensive petrol powered sibling. The large swept back LED headlamps combined with the massive chrome grille are not just imposing to look at, but command instant respect from everybody on the road. Although the shade of black that this particular S-Class is in does tend to subdue the fine lines of this rather massive car, the sheer length and width of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S350 CDI is enough to make everyone strain to take a second look. Mercedes-Benz have omitted the handsome diamond cut wheels that you get on the more expensive S500 for a set of rather plain looking multispoke 18-inch wheels.



2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Review rear 2



The main difference between the S500 and the S350 CDI on the exterior front though is at the rear. While the S500 gets a slightly sportier rear bumper with built in trapezoidal exhaust tips, the diesel gets a conventional bumper with a hidden exhaust pipe setup. The LED festooned tail lamps though continue to be a common feature and as with the S500, the S350 uses only LED bulbs though the entire car completely omitting conventional lighting techniques.






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