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Tata Motors unveils the Megapixel concept

At the ongoing Geneva Motor Show, Ratan Tata and his successor to the Tata empire, Cyrus Mistry, took the wraps off Tata Motors' latest concept car, the Megapixel, which showcases the company's plans to enter the European market in a big way


Tata Megapixel front




Designing a compact car to take on the challenges of the urban jungle of future Europe seems to have become the Holy Grail of motoring at the moment for many-an-automaker around the world, chief of which is our very own Tata Motors. As the largest auto maker in South Asia (that is, if you factor in the sheer volumes of commercial vehicles the company makes as well), making a foray into the west is inevitable, and Tata Motors isn’t one to sit content with just purchasing an iconic European brand (read Jaguar Land Rover).

Even an accolade such as creating the world’s most affordable mass-produced car in the world, the Nano, isn’t enough, though it does form the basis for the company’s plans to invade Europe. The first sign of this was of course the Nano Europa concept unveiled at Geneva in 2010 which took the basic idea behind the Nano, which is affordable and economical motoring for the masses, and up-specced it to meet the sensibilities of the European car buyer.






The second sign, and one more crystal clear in its intentions, was the concept car that Tata Motors showed off at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the Pixel. Based on the Nano Europa, the Pixel took technology and styling to a whole new level, with the inclusion of an innovative Zero Turn toroidal traction-drive Infinitely Variable Transmission built by Torotrak, which in conjunction with the steering system, allowed the Pixel to literally turn on a dime. And who can forget those massive scissored doors, which when opened, stood up like a bunny’s ears. This year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show has yet another new gem from the Tata stables, which takes the game even further.



Tata Megapixel back



Dubbed the Megapixel, this latest concept car made by Tata Motors adheres to its name by appearing to be a slightly larger, grown up version of the Pixel. But almost immediately, you can notice that the radical, completely conceptual styling has been dropped in favour of a more mature design that looks like it could make its way to production in the near future. The design of the car is truly global, in every sense of the term, combining the efforts of designers from India, Italy and the UK, to create a shape that will look at home on any of the megacities around the world.


Not that there is any lack of “concept-ness” in the Megapixel’s design though. A panoramic glass roof that melds seamlessly into the windscreen, floating C-pillars and super sleek rear view mirrors are just the start of the equation. And even though the twin scissored doors have been dropped in favour of four, seemingly conventional ones, these hinge and slide outwards to create a massive B-pillar-less opening into the cabin for easy ingress and egress.



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