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Subaru celebrates 40th AWD anniversary

by Team ZigWheels Posted on 06 Dec 20125,719 Views Comments

Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD) system introduced on the Leone station wagon has gone on to become one of its defining characteristics. To mark AWD's 40th anniversary, we list the company's 40 most significant moments


Subaru Impreza 22B



Subaru has attained carved cult status thanks to its all-wheel drive (AWD) system that has been the stuff of automotive road and rally legends. 


The symmetrical all-wheel drive system debuted on the Subaru Leone station wagon in 1972 has over time become standard across the Subaru model line-up except for the recent BRZ rear-wheel drive sports car. 


In India, the Subaru all-wheel drive features in the Forester SUV rebadged as Chevrolet.


On the occasion of the symmetric all-wheel drive system’s 40th anniversary we list the milestones of the Japanese car maker’s annals. 


1972: The Subaru Leone becomes the brand’s first all-wheel drive model, as part-time all-wheel drive is introduced on the estate derivative. The Leone has been on sale as a coupe and saloon since 1971.


1977: Subaru UK is named the official distributor of the marque in Britain. Foreign manufactured cars outsell British ones for the first time in UK history.


1978: The Leone-based Subaru BRAT– Bi-drive Recreational all-terrain Transporter – is launched as an all-wheel drive pick-up.


1979: The second generation Subaru Leone goes on sale globally, featuring a part-time, dual-range all-wheel drive system on all models with a manual transmission.


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