Lamborghini Egoista - one of a kind!

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  • May 15, 2013 13:33 IST
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This is the Lamborghini Egoista, and it's not for sale. It, quite simply, is what the guys at Lamborghini felt like gifting themselves on their 50th Anniversary - an outrageous supercar that makes everything else look ancient




Clearly, the Veneno with its 3-piece production run wasn’t exclusive enough for a company like Lamborghini to be celebrating its 50th Anniversary with. Despite the Veneno’s outrageous design that embodied so many surfaces you’d spend an eternity soaking in all the details and its very track-inspired stance, that masterpiece unveiled in Geneva suddenly seems commonplace compared to what Lamborghini has shown off now.



Lamborghini Egoista concept rear



This is the Egoista, which plain and simple translates to ‘Selfish’ in English and it is one of a kind, never to be sold. This is Lamborghini’s gift to Lamborghini – a creation that in its very existence represents the very essence of the Sant’Agata manufacturer.


The brainchild of none other than Volkswagen Group’s top guy as far as vehicle styling is concerned, the Egoista brings together Walter De Silva’s talented team to bring to life every single way that Lamborghini has ever been described.




Lamborghini Egoista concept cockpit



You’d be forgiven if you thought the Egoista was actually designed by aliens. In reality, Alessandro Dambrosio was responsible for the exterior while Stefan Sielaff took point on the interiors. Walter De Silva’s inspiration for the Egoista is pretty clear though the moment you lay eyes on it – it’s inspired by not just any aircraft, but by the Apache attack helicopter! 


But beyond the obvious inspiration for the angular surfaces is also a true-to-brand stance for the Egoista that looks much like a bull on the charge. There’s a great mix of solid chunks and negative spaces that really sets the Egoista apart from anything that has ever been created in the automotive world.



Lamborghini Egoista concept cockpit



Being named Egoista itself isn’t a coincidence – this supercar is a single seater – bodywork, driver, massive engine and nothing else. The aeronautical inferences are pretty much in your face as well with its very airplane-like three-dimensional lighting markers that include the very mean front and rear LEDs as well as red and green lights on the roof.


Getting in and out of the Egoista will make you feel more like Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell than Cole Trickle as the canopy hinges forward to expose the very flight-oriented cockpit. We’ll leave the pictures to truly make you go weak in your knees over the Egoista’s attention to detail and intimidating presence, but don’t miss out on that very cool Heads Up Display!


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