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Honda Amaze FAQs

Based on queries and general consumer feedback from our recently concluded Live Chat! we decode Honda's first ever entrant in the sub-four metre sedan category, as it prepares to take on the formidable Maruti Suzuki DZire and other strong competitors in India's burgeoning compact sedan class of cars. Here's where you get all your questions about the potential, performance and practicality of the new Honda Amaze answered



Honda Amaze



1. Since this is Honda’s first diesel car, will it be reliable enough?

Ans. Honda has always been known for its reliability all these years with its petrol cars. A lot of research and smart engineering has gone into their first i-DTEC engine and the powerplant has been put through rigorous testing before the launch of the Amaze as well. Reliability shouldn’t be a problem at all.


2. Are NVH levels at par with the competition? 

Ans. As far as the Amaze is concerned, NVH levels do leave more to be desired. The i-DTEC engine’s clatter is clearly audible from within the cabin and a little more road and ambient noise does seep into the cabin than we would have liked. It isn’t too bad though, but Honda needs to work on its NVH damping to make the overall experience with the i-DTEC Amaze even better.


3. What is the mileage that the Amaze diesel offers in real world conditions?

Ans. The ARAI tested efficiency according to the Indian Driving Cycle is 18 kmpl for Petrol manual and 15.5 kmpl for the Petrol automatic. ZigWheels has already performed an intensive real world instrumented test of the diesel Amaze though, and it returns 20.5 kmpl in the city and 23.2 kmpl on the highway, giving it an overall fuel efficiency of 21.18 kmpl which is quite impressive.




Honda Amaze iDTEC engine




4. Diesel cars are normally heavier than their petrol counterparts, add to that the fact that Honda cars have a relatively low ground clearance. How will the Amaze do on our roads?

Ans. The measured ground clearance for the Amaze is at 165mm, which is on par with most cars in India. We have been driving the Amaze in and around Pune for a few days now and we haven’t had any problems with the vehicle grounding on speed breakers, potholes or even on slightly off-road sections.


5. Honda is known for silent and smooth cars, does this characteristic carry over to their first diesel offering?

Ans. While the i-DTEC engine in the Amaze is a little gruff, and NVH levels could do with better damping, the overall functioning of the diesel Amaze is smooth. Power delivery is linear and driveability on the car is unmatched. The diesel Amaze is a fun car to drive, so it is smooth but not as silent as its petrol counterpart for obvious reasons.


6. Honda has never done a diesel car before. Are they geared up to service this vehicle properly?

Ans. Honda has always ranked high in customer satisfaction surveys in the past and that aspect is a big part of their brand image. Despite the Amaze i-DTEC being their first diesel powered car in India, Honda will have made sure that its technicians across all dealers have been well trained in advance to handle any issues during service.




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