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Fuel price hike? Get a bike!

by Team ZigWheels Pics : Reuters Posted on 04 Jun 201227,612 Views Comments

Ironically, the only constant in this world is that fuel prices will always keep rising. With petrol now costing in the vicinity of Rs 80 for a litre, is there no one who can save the day for the common man?



Petrol price hike to further inconvenience the Indian working class




So the fuel price roller coaster continues to swing with gasoline reaching an all-time high. But what’s more important is not the price itself but the frequency and the rate at which it has risen. A litre of petrol cost around Rs 50 in 2009 – that’s an increase of almost Rs 30 in 3 years and if you average that out to a year, the impact is staggering. The reason for the price increase is almost as well known as the inadequacy of most of the politico types in our country and the saddest thing about this is that instead of protecting the interests of the common man, which makes up a big majority of the billion-plus strong populace here, the government is making money off us. 



In the process, everyone except the working class is getting rich while normal people have to keep calculating and re-calculating their monthly expenses. It’s in times like these that there are two kinds of vehicles that really seem like they’re out to save the day – ones that run on diesel, and others that run on two wheels. While diesel cars may seem like the way forward (at least until the government decides it wants to hike the price of diesel too), it is the bikes that are really going to save the world.



Most countries look at motorcycles as a means of enjoyment and a luxury that goes beyond having a car. If you drive a good car, you’re well-to-do and you may have good taste depending on what exactly you’re driving. But once you have a motorcycle, any motorcycle in fact, you’re someone with a lot of courage and who likes to enjoy life in the open. Unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be, perceptions are a little different in India and motorcycles are a means to a livelihood. 


Petrol price hike to further inconvenience the Indian working class



They’re commuters, leisure gadgets, family transport and business vehicle all in one. With great fuel efficiency, the motorcycle can do what cars can never dream of doing in a country like ours – make the entire population mobile. While things are changing and both market and manufacturer are warming up to the niche performance bike scenario (three cheers for them), the core of the Indian motorcycling industry will always remain, though it may evolve. This is the very reason why simple commuters will always rule the roost as far as sales charts are concerned and with so many offerings in the mass market segment already there, it seems like the space never ends!



Call it coincidence or great timing, but regardless of whether Bajaj, Honda and Suzuki consulted the same crystal-ball-wielding fortune teller or not, they have brought out what can only be called as three of the most appropriate products of our times. Of course we’re talking about mass market mobility here and with fuel prices soaring sky high the Discover 125ST, Dream Yuga and Hayate all make perfect sense. They’re all great products, have taken commuting in style up a few notches and are still flying the flag for superior fuel economy – what more could the common man want! With all three bikes launched within just a few days of each other, here’s a closer look at what each of these saviours have to offer.


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