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Datsun brings the bench back into focus!

Thought the bench seat up front in cars was long gone? Not so fast says Adil Jal Darukhanawala who thinks that Datsun is all set to reinvent this for its first modern mini for the masses it is developing





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The new Datsun hatchback destined for India is all about space with style and innovation. It is also about doing more from well, quite a lot more! - than say any other car in the four-metre segment. Makes me think about the original idea of the Tata Indica, more car per car  was the message then and today it is quite clear that Datsun has taken simple solutions already employed years ago, rethought the idea and applied them in new effective manner to deliver what is the raisin d'être for most Indians: not just how to fill in usable space in an automobile but provide even more practicality without skimping on comfort. Also Read: Datsun teases new hatchback for India

I might be stating this with a certain amount of jest but it is equally true that we have seen Altos packed with 8 to 9 persons in a cinch - adults and not children or pygmies mind you! However, when I mentioned last month about the new Datsun being a paragon of space efficiency, I can take that a bit further and state that it would have a most innovative interior to make it stand out from the pack and be that true clutter breaker in its segment.




Honda Amaze front seat configuration



Now it is fairly well known that good logical design on small hatchbacks with front wheel drive configurations has almost done away with the central transmission tunnel and as has been proved with the newer Hondas, a flat floor means better space and comfort for occupants. Especially the liberation of legroom at the rear to provide comfortable seating in the Jazz and the Brio / Amaze twins has been given a massive thumbs up by users but now Datsun is poised to take things further.


And literally it is further ahead for their packaging engineers have re-applied the design of a bench seat for the front row almost three decades to the day the first Maruti Suzuki 800 sounded the death knell for the likes of the Hindustan Ambassador and the Premier Padmini which came thus equipped! 


Datsun boss Vincent Cobee and project director Ashwani Gupta both have stated in no uncertain terms that the interior would be mighty innovative and even though we did get to see the new Datsun, due for a world reveal here in India on July 15 but we cant speak about it due to an embargo, critically the interior was blanked out! The reason was that it was still under development but more importantly I think the project team didn't want to give the game away.

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