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Top five upgrades: 110cc to 125cc segment

We list down our top five options for a consumer looking to upgrade from an entry-level motorcycle to the 125cc class


Top five upgrades from 110cc to 125cc segment


Most Indians step into the world of motorcycles with an 110cc commuter. There are many aspects that make these workhorses the stepping stone for a majority of the first time buyers - like fuel efficiency, reliability and low maintenance cost. But unlike the commuter motorcycle buyer a decade ago, who used to be loyal to his machine for a long period of time, consumers now prefer to move up the ladder at a faster pace. The first logical jump is from the 110cc class to the 125cc segment, mainly since there isn’t a major difference in price and it falls next in terms of displacement. We list down our top five options for a consumer upgrading from 110cc to 125cc segment.



All two-wheelers were rated on a scale on 1-5 with 1 being poor and 5 being outstanding.

Design: Design was one parameter that was neglected by two-wheeler buyers for many years as function was always given priority over form. Gladly things have changed over the years and design has become one of the most important factors in finalising a purchase. Also design contributes heavily on the aspiration front as a buyer who plans to upgrade also wants a better looking motorcycle from his previous steed.

Performance: Performance is the most influential criteria for a consumer to upgrade. As one of the objectives of upgrading to a new two-wheeler is the hike in displacement which in turns means improved power figures. With the youth becoming the major consumers for two-wheelers, manufacturers are concentrating on this aspect more than ever.

Fuel Efficiency: No matter which ever segment of two-wheelers we are talking about the Indian consumer is fascinated by this figure. Fuel efficiency still remains the most important standard when it comes to finalising the deal and the more efficient the bike is the wider the smile on a typical Indian two-wheeler consumer.

Price: The Indian two-wheeler market is extremely price conscious. Owing to this fact manufacturers have their task cut out to price their products as competitively as they can. For a consumer, value for money proposition is of vital importance, which means the most amounts of features in the least possible price.

Handling and comfort: Handling isn’t restricted to getting around a corner in the fastest way possible as most of us ride our two-wheelers on congested city roads rather than on twisting mountain roads. For this purpose flickability is of major importance so as to gauge how easily one can carve out through traffic. Travelling times has increased due to traffic jams and poor quality roads. A two-wheeler with a comfortable riding posture and supple suspension setup makes the journey more so endurable. 

Note: All prices mentioned are ex-showroom Delhi and for the top-end variant.


by Arun Mohan Nadar Posted on July 1, 2014 17:17 IST Views: 61163