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2013 Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey: The Bikers' Pilgrimage

There are some targets in life which you want to achieve one way or another. Being a biker a ride to Leh was one such ambition for me and my desire was realised as I got the opportunity to ride at the 10th edition of the Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey


2013 Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey



At the outset, let me tell you a very clichéd desire I have harboured since a long time. A ride to Leh is like those pilgrimages every biker hopes to undertake at least once in his lifetime and I wasn’t any different. So when my name was called out for the 2013 Royal Enfield Himalayan Odyssey, my happiness knew no bounds…of course, as expected there was a catch! The crazy schedule in office meant that bossman allowed me only a half trip, which I gleefully accepted. After all, even the half trip was a full 11-day affair, which was more than I could have even dreamt for.  


In the run up to the ride, I consciously began avoiding reading about earlier Odysseys or looking up their photos in a bid to maintain the excitement. On my flight to Delhi – the originating point of the ride – a plethora of thoughts ran through my mind ranging from concerns about the terrain, weather, altitude, etc. At one point I even began having doubts on whether I will be to make this journey at all. My biggest concern was that prior to this ride, the most I had ever clocked on a bike in a day was 150km and now I had signed up for a 1,300km journey in one of the most testing conditions a biker could ever face!



Riders on their way to the first re-group point after flag off from India Gate



The perfect harmony of a typical Delhi morning was broken with the thump generated from over 100 Royal Enfield motorcycles lined-up for the Odyssey bursting to life. Even before I could ride from the hotel to the flag-off point at India Gate, there was trouble. The fuel tank of the Thunderbird 500 given to me by Royal Enfield for the Odyssey began leaking.  Luckily, the Himalayan Odyssey mechanics were on hand and they fixed the problem in a jiffy. So after this not-so-perfect start, I set off for the first re-group point in the outskirts of Delhi where we were divided in groups of two with 50 riders each. As we made our way to Chandigarh, the second group left for Parwanoo. The roads were arrow straight (read boring) and by afternoon we were in ‘the city beautiful’.


by Arun Mohan Nadar Photo Courtesy: Santosh Govindarajulu Posted on July 30, 2013 17:54 IST Views: 47462

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