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Stay safe during downpours and thunderstorms

by Inputs : Michelin Posted on 27 Aug 201316,136 Views5 Comments

The onset of rain brings joy and comfort from the scorching heat; you wake up to the sound of raindrops on your windowpane. A long drive is on your mind, your bags are packed and you are ready to hit the highway with your friends or family but when a sudden thunderstorm hits, you find yourself stuck in traffic jams, facing unavoidable and stressful situations. The condition worsens during July to September, the key monsoon season in India



driving in the rains




Overall, there are three things that increase the risk of vehicular accidents during rainy days: decreased visibility, reduced traction and how other motorists behave on the road. While you cannot do much about the reckless driving of others, here is some helpful advice from Michelin Tyres to ensure you stay safe while driving in the rain:


First things first, always inspect your vehicle. Walk around your car. Check for fluid leaks, busted lights and loose wires. Test your tyre pressure and wheel alignment. Check your radiator. Do not just jump into the driver’s seat and drive away. Address any car problem before you leave your parking space.


Keep the windshield clean. Wash your windows and remove the dust and smudges. Invest in a windshield water repellant so you’ll have clear vision even in heavy rain. Good vision is the first rule in safe driving.




driving through water




Exercise utmost caution when it’s raining. Road conditions during stormy weather may confuse you. Drive a bit more slowly so you can react better to road conditions and what other motorists will do on the road. 


Anticipate when you need to make a full stop. Wet brakes are troublesome because they won’t work even if you step on them. Step on the brakes lightly even if you’re still some distance away. Then increase pressure gradually till you make a complete stop. After going through a puddle, step on your brakes repeatedly to dry your rotors. This will prevent you from skidding or losing control.

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