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Pushrod suspension

by Abhishek Chaliha Posted on 12 Aug 201110,359 Views Comments

Formula 1 cars use a suspension setup called pushrod suspension which is being adopted by modern supercars. Read on to know more about pushod suspension


Pushrod suspension is yet another superb invention from motor sport. The suspension setup is completely different from any other setup. This Formula one inspired suspension setup offers razor sharp handling while offering comfortable ride quality. Pushrods are diagonal bars connected to the car’s body at one end and to the wheel mounting of a car at the other end. There is always one pushrod at each wheel. The springs and dampers are not located on the wheel mounts of a car, instead they are located in the bodyshell of the car. The springs are positioned transversely. When a wheel goes over a bump or crest the pushrods are pushed against the rockers which they are connected to. This force from the pushrods on the rockers acts on the springs and dampers and is absorbed by them. 



Due to double wishbones and push rods wheel control and damper movement remain separate from each other which results in more responsive and immediate handling at all speeds. Rigid connection of the springs and dampers to the chassis means that the springs do not have to be very stiff, this provides a comfortable ride while offering precise handling.

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